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User Info: Yubbus

5 years ago#1
This event started 18th September or thereabouts?

Anyway, this is now the 23rd day of my captivity in this epic and engrossing game, according to the log in freebie counter.

So this is 4th event that I have noticed. (I may have started playing at the end of an event if this is exactly weekly business, although apparently not, this one started only a few hours after the last one ended and it only runs for about 5 days. I think?)

Before this was the PVP event. And before that was the Gillant Raid Boss event. And before that was another Tower event. Therefore this is a revisit to the first event I tried to play when it all started.

Back then I had a 3-dood formation and failed to notice the respective height of the tower. So after clearing the beginners'. I got my butt caned in the Experts.

But now, I have 5-dood. So I cautiously strolled through 1 zone of the beginners, telling myself just in case there's a crystal. There wasn't. And this was a complete waste of time. Then, still oblivious to the height of the towers, I cleared the advanced tower before realizing that is also pretty much a waste of time.

Then, the real stuff begins.

It's no spoiler that the experts tower has 10 zones. I made a meal of zone 5, burning about 7 elixirs. So I realized, I cannot climb this tower and level my lowbies at the same time, which is normally a bit of a dilemma, which normally paralyzes me with indecision for an eternity. Fortunately,
1) I have also noticed that all these lowbies are just not going to be good enough even when they are fully levelled. So I decided to concentrate on climbing (and get rid of all the lowbies that cannot at least become rares).
2) And I also realized that if these are the 3 type of events we will normally have, then this is THE event to burn the healing consumables, as neither the raid boss nor pvp events use any, all their important fights being morale battles. And once you get your 5-dood formation, there aren't anything in the main dungeon to run your legs off for.
3) I once tried to be a tight wad and held off using a Dried Sage on my warlord. I ended up losing the fight so it cost me 1 elixir and 2 extra energy instead. So I have also learned to heal up.

So I loaded my epics and Gillant for Zone 6. I got almost no experience and burned a ton of Dried Sages but I did clear it only using 2 elixirs. Progress!

Would love to type some more but energy has filled up so I need to start climbing zone 7.

So so far, wisdom to pass to newer players:
- Save your healing for getting 5-dood formation
- After you get that, save your healing and blood meal for this type of event (towers) (you're not really in competition for top prizes until you get 5-dood)
"Nope. -10% physical damage for a Fury warrior isn't alot. " -frber

User Info: Yubbus

5 years ago#2
Zone 7 and got my first Lamia on 7%. Maybe it's my reward for sharing. Cost me about 4 Elixirs.
Zone 8 cost me about 5 Elixirs. And that was my really 100% full strength squad.
Zone 9 first fight My 80% strength squad wiped on the first fight with 4 enemies standing. Well that answers one question. So now I ponder which floor to go for for more Lamias...
"Nope. -10% physical damage for a Fury warrior isn't alot. " -frber

User Info: wix1337

5 years ago#3
Sorry to ask this here, but when in the story do you get the 5 slot team? I still only have 3 and cant make it past floor 3 in expert tower, just been farming 2nd floor to try and get above rank 5000 in overall ranks.

Thanks for the advice on how to use items etc. in these events. Wish I knew this before i burned like 40 sage's going from rank 20k to 5.5k on this event.

User Info: Yubbus

5 years ago#4
No, all are welcome to talk about the event here. You get the new formations by passing a certain stage in the main story line. Someone said 4-dood is first available in first area of west underworld. So I vague think 5-dood is available in first ear of east underworld (the next region).
"Nope. -10% physical damage for a Fury warrior isn't alot. " -frber

User Info: BaegoBlackDrake

5 years ago#5
Hi, I am just wondering if the event boss is worth using a heartsblood on? Do you think there will be an opportunity in the future to use it on something better? (I know it is impossible to predict what the next event will be, and if there will be a pactable boss). I am currently at level 6 of the expert tower, but I only have a 4 man brigade and am very close tog getting the 5 man.

User Info: Yubbus

5 years ago#6
I'd say it's definitely not worth burning a Heartsblood just for a rare. If you are getting enough to make it an epic then it's more tempting. It's not going to be possible to predict exactly what creatures they design in the future, but the events seem roughly weekly and the prize pattern is the same - top players get legendary, the next bunch get an epic. Epic is where it's at (unless you are already getting legendaries). As you play, it's not hard to gradually get rares from the coin you accumulate.

Heartsblood are very hard to come by. I played for 24 days and I only have 2. Although if you stop playing to reset the daily bonus, you may be able to get them more often. But that is a tough choice, unless you are naturally busy. So I look at whether Heartsblood can be used to get me a good epic. And you need 3 Lamia Queens to make it Epic and I have 2 Lamia Queens and still 1 Heartsblood left. But I don't have to decide until the end of the event. I'll just hold out for now to see if I get lucky some more times.

If the event pattern holds, it will be a raid boss event next week (or soon). In raid boss event you can get epics just for playing a lot.

So somebody does read this well then it's reward alert!
All of sudden an Eton pops up at 305000 as the points reward. Now that changes things a little bit, meaning you will only need to finish 200th (only) to get 2 more Etons to make it Epic. Still out of my reach as things stand...
"Nope. -10% physical damage for a Fury warrior isn't alot. " -frber

User Info: devol84

5 years ago#7
Hey Yubbus, it's seems like it's too hard to achieve top 200.. any tips for getting tons of Event Pts ?

User Info: Yubbus

5 years ago#8
I'm not anywhere near it either. I'm like 2700.
But as for tips, here's something I stopped doing:
Notice that in the event tower, you get 1 fight every 2 steps, EXCEPT the first. So by repeatedly withdrawing from the dungeon after one fight, you can get 1 fight per energy. And you can do that as high a zone as you care to. That will result in the most points, but you won't get a chance as Queen Lamia or get the 10 blood meal for clearing a zone. And it's very slow. But it is more points and you will be fully healed every fight.

Also, on Facebook the game has announced "The Bazaar" is coming and we will be able to trade familiars. So if we're short of some prize rares to make prize epics (or when, as we will be), we can help each other out then.
"Nope. -10% physical damage for a Fury warrior isn't alot. " -frber

User Info: Yubbus

5 years ago#9
WTF? Already 12 hours left, and less than, actually? Ah well, might as well wait for The Bazaar, as I was about to say... but no, I got lucky for the 3rd time!
I have jotted down my runs and I have done
Zone 5 17 times
Zone 6 3 times
Zone 7 1 time
Zone 8 1 time
So if you added all my chances together it comes to 118% - I hardly deserve 2 Queen Lamias, but now I have 3 and still have my Heartsblood!

A little tip for taking on the Queen Lamia (well if after 4th day of the event you haven't picked this up yourself, umm...) Queen Lamia the enemies attack will always strike one of the middle 3 guys first (if you have 5). So feel free to put your high offense + low defense units to the sides, like most kind of warlords.

Pointwise I'm definitely not getting anywhere and there isn't another Eton to be seen at far as 695000 (and I won't score that many points; and everyone can see up the table as far as they can score with the 11 hours left now).
So options for myself to go forward:
- Try to get a 4th Lamia Queen
- Decide whether to spend the Heartsblood on a 4th should I failed to chance it
- Bow out of this event and farm bugles in Preparations for Raid Boss event

And If I don't spend my Heartsblood here, then where? And when? Her special really isn't too bad. I harped on so much about how valuable it is to get Epics so I should follow my own advice and make myself the **** Queen Lamia! Yes! Makes sense!
"Nope. -10% physical damage for a Fury warrior isn't alot. " -frber

User Info: BaegoBlackDrake

5 years ago#10
Thanks for the advice Yubbus, I was really close to spending my heartsblood on her. I read in another forum that someone used their heartsblood on a Rift of Worlds -_- I loled so hard.

Yea, I was using that method in the tower to hopefully get my rank up but I am not moving fast enough and just when I think I have made progress, I drop back down. Particularly when I go to sleep.

any idea on how the coin systems work? I use to think that you get more out of a 10 pact but recently I have been getting 9c and 1 uc out off silver coin pact... which makes me really sad. But then I got an epic Nidhogg Ice Dragon from a 10 pact cooper? Do you save for 10 pacts or just use them as they come?

Sorry this is a bit off topic.
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