What's with the complaints about Quiet's outfit?

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  3. What's with the complaints about Quiet's outfit?

User Info: wonzan

4 years ago#161
Sex sells. I understand why they do it. It is a bit embarrassing to play half naked characters in front of company but apart from that, meh. Steamy scenes or me off though. Like the ones in mgs3 but even then, those were part of the story.
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User Info: BigBoss_T

4 years ago#162
Some people just like to whine about everything.
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User Info: Old_Solidus

4 years ago#163
I find it quite nice that men are discussing this subject with maturity, often shunning the OMG**** intuitive response. Above all, it is positive that we are willing to look beyond the breasts, and address this issue as a whole. This is a trend of Metal Gear, from Meryl on. If a female appearence such as that was somehow justified (locker room?) I would agree, put from Sniper Wolf to EVA to Quiet, it's uncalled for. Plus, did Joosten really have to be pumped up? Is she not gorgeous whilst being modest?

The inclusion of Cecile in PW is a clear example of some weird chick inclusion/modification attitude. She was just laxing under a tree, only in her underwear. Totally sane.
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User Info: pokefan35

4 years ago#164
I love the PC world people live in where they assume no one wants to see sexualized characters. Men have styles that try to look more "handsome," look at all the custom badassery on each other MGS character, they aren't exactly walking around in Walmart clothing. So why can't the women try to look "sexy," as deadly as their male counter-parts and as good looking too!

It's only in your head that the character is subtracted from for having boobs. Or by wearing a bikini. Sexism will never end until the mouth-breathers are desensitized. Nudity happens, bikini's happen, the problem is everyone's first thought is "what can I stick in there" instead of "Yep, she is wearing a bikini, she looks pretty good. I know nothing about her."
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  3. What's with the complaints about Quiet's outfit?

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