Your favorite vocal theme?

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User Info: HarveyVoldarski

4 years ago#1
Your favorite vocal theme? - Results (142 votes)
The Best is Yet to Come - MGS1
21.13% (30 votes)
Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday - MGS2
0.7% (1 votes)
Snake Eater - MGS3
33.1% (47 votes)
Don't Be Afraid - MGS3
0.7% (1 votes)
Calling to the Night - MGS:PO
11.97% (17 votes)
Love Theme - MGS4
1.41% (2 votes)
Victory - MGS4
1.41% (2 votes)
Heaven's Divide - MGS:PW
10.56% (15 votes)
Love Deterrence (Koi no Yokushiryoku) - MGS:PW
2.11% (3 votes)
Sins of the Father - MGS5
16.9% (24 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Every 3D Metal Gear has given us at least one lyrical song as a theme or a tone-setter for the end credits. It's a staple of the series as much as the exclamation point and the Metal Gears themselves. But which one do you find yourself humming in the car or play on repeat on your iPod. Let's find out which song has made the biggest impact on the MGS community!

This poll only includes music created for the games so no "Way to Fall", "Here's to You", "Not Your Kind of People", or "Sing". I'm also excluding the Revengeance songs since there's so damn many and they're of a completely different style than the others.
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User Info: RiFF-RaFF

4 years ago#2
Snake Eater

User Info: beardface21

4 years ago#3
Sins of the Father felt pretty heavy right after Miller tells Big Boss what they are going to do to fight Cipher.
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User Info: kou urake

kou urake
4 years ago#4
It's a little early to judge Sins of the Father, as we've only heard fragments of it. That said...

The Best Is Yet To Come > Way To Fall > Snake Eater > Sins of the Father (E32013 fragments) > Heaven's Divide > Love Theme > Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday > Calling To The Night > Victory Song > Here's To You > Don't Be Afraid > Love Deterrence
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User Info: Hades192

4 years ago#5
Metal gear 4 but unsure of the particular song.

Snake Eater- just over the weekend "Snake Eater" looped as I got caught up. I always disregarded snake eater but after about 10 times over, something clicked because I think is now EPIC.
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User Info: HarveyVoldarski

4 years ago#6
I'm rather surprised at the turnout Sins of the Father has had. Snake Eater and The Best is Yet to Come are tied for second which is more what I expected.
I like ponies, I'm just not in your face about it.

User Info: Hamiwiful

4 years ago#7
I haven't heard the single of Sins of the Father, so by now, "Calling to the Night"

User Info: Solid-O-V

4 years ago#8
Victory *-*

User Info: Dicer7

4 years ago#9
Snake Eater just doesn't get old. I had it playing during MGS4/MGO all the time. Sins of the Father is great as well but I need to hear the single version first. I can see it getting a bit old and annoying after a while like Heaven's Divide.

User Info: MyMentorSnake

4 years ago#10
Its something about the intro to Snake Eater!!!!!
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