Reason for Quite's costume is simple

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  3. Reason for Quite's costume is simple

User Info: SpaceMarineZack

3 years ago#1
To get the lonely men and teens who get turned on by video game characters to buy. There is no plot to get people to think or to get more people to cosplay, its just that simple. Some people are going to buy this game just to see her.

User Info: docman864

3 years ago#2
only if KP provides a character model viewer.
if you don't play this game, you ARE part of the f***ing problem.

User Info: jurrian91

3 years ago#3
That has got to be the most insane theory I have ever heard. What were you smoking when you thought that up?
Magnetic force, Jack!
Nature's force!

User Info: DarkGam3r

3 years ago#4
Barely clothed/gigantic bosomed women are NOT new. It's been 7 games now, can't you learn?
As gamers get older there's an expectation for games to mature with us, but the fact remains that simple fun with friends will never go out of style

User Info: Nelo_Portgas

3 years ago#5
No, I think those men buy the DOA Beach Volley games.

If you're talking generel sex appeal, for every videogame you can name me that doesnt try to sexualize women, I'll name you ten.
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  3. Reason for Quite's costume is simple

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