MGSV: Read Dead Redemption

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User Info: solidus0

4 years ago#1
We know about Konami's infatuation with Rockstar and GTA. With this in thought, he has also taken notice of Read Dead Redemption and been totally impressed by it. We also know that Kojima has stated his intentions to 'once again have a Japanesd studio dominate the gaming world in competition from Western studios'.

Not saying anything wrong with that, I would love for KojimaPro to be the best studios in the world, and RDR was one of the best games I've ever played. But firstly, you don't dominate the world by simply copying other people. You dominate by innovating and spearheading innovation and delivering original products. Secondly, Just because things work well in one game or series, it doesn't mean things will apply just as well to another franchise.

Again, I love RDR, but I don't appreciate the fact the Kojima is outright copying the game. I'm not saying that the game wont be a fun experience but I prefer Kojima to create his own innovations rather than just implement others.

-Open Environment. Desert setting.
-Horseback Riding.
-Mission based. Choosing path of infiltration also in RDR.
-Day-Night cycles. Smoking a cigar v. Camping to progress time.
-Call for helicopter escort v. Whistling to your Horse. (This would respawn your horse in RDR if it was killed or too far from you).
-Slow-Motion quick kills.
-Screen fades to red for death and quick health recovery.
-No Hud. Pop-up display for weapons.
-Small amount of cutscenes. With respect to all additions, probably it will be just like RDR where there is a cutscene before and after each mission.

User Info: SpaceMarineZack

4 years ago#2
Kojima wishes he could be as cool as RockStar.

User Info: Piranaconda

4 years ago#3
Just super scared about this game.
I care more about the story more, though.
PSN: xxTerminatorxx5

User Info: solidus0

4 years ago#4
SpaceMarineZack posted...
Kojima wishes he could be as cool as RockStar.

I have a feeling this is even more so why he said he felt depressed after seeing GTAV. Rockstar have brought their standarts up to a new level, whereas MGSV seems to be modeled after their previous benchmark, RDR.

It would be depressing to see that you are mimicking, rather than surpassing, a game which has already being outdone by its publishers.

User Info: Gr3gSolidus

4 years ago#5
I don't know, how many people plan to race bicycles or do yoga in a Gran Theft Auto game?

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