Tonic Riddles number 2

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User Info: tonic

4 years ago#1
You know the drill. I am thinking of two characters in the MGS series from MGS1,2,3 and 4. You have to guess who the two are in one post and in the correct order.

Character 1:
Don't give into HIM,
Says the motionless man

Character 2:
This person can be considered Jack's son
But is not a clone of that man

User Info: makdude1994

4 years ago#2
The sorrow for number 1, and ocelot for 2

User Info: The_Ivory_Man

4 years ago#3
Sorrow and John (Raiden's son)?
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User Info: tonic

4 years ago#4
Here is another clue:

Character 1:
This guy has crippled many
Scaring them to death

Character 2:
This person's heart is in the right place
But is scary none the less

User Info: robertadeath

4 years ago#5
Person 1: The Fear

Person 2: Ocelot

User Info: stawg007

4 years ago#6
robertadeath posted...
Person 1: The Fear

Person 2: Ocelot

I'm going with these two also

User Info: Seifross2010

4 years ago#7
Imma say

Character 1 - The Sorrow

Character 2 - Ocelot

User Info: bigboss916

4 years ago#8
#1=Psycho Mantis
#2=Ocelot is my guess but i doubt it is obvious
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User Info: tonic

4 years ago#9
No winners yet

User Info: tonic

4 years ago#10
One more clue:

His bolts are paralyzing
Soon you would draw your last breath

This person tried to kill the Snake
because of a family members death

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