Tonic Riddles number 2

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User Info: Rayquaza487

3 years ago#31
tonic posted...
Funchlax posted...
I'll be over to collect my nothing momentarily.
Nothing? .....I thought you were in it for the glory.

First person to win three is declared KING of the board....but yeah I don't have a prize for you.

And you are given autonomy over the status of 'king', why exactly???
Official Waddle Doo of the Smash Big Brother
I'm going to delete my account if Ridley is CONFIRMED for SSB4! ;P

User Info: bigboss916

3 years ago#32
Funchlax posted...
bigboss916 posted...
Wait how come i didnt win anything?
i was the one who figured out the Jack's son = Jackson Riddle.
I think funchlax would agree right?

Absolutely. Can we get bigboss916 some nothing over here?

I want my piece of Nothing
"FREEZE!" (v'-')> (^'-')^ "Don't Shoot!"

User Info: tonic

3 years ago#33
Rayquaza487 posted...
And you are given autonomy over the status of 'king', why exactly???

Ahhhh.....because I called it first.

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