A metal gear game staring Eva

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User Info: gokuss4z

3 years ago#1
A metal gear game staring Eva would you buy it? - Results (81 votes)
38.27% (31 votes)
61.73% (50 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I would just because she's so hot :).
Dragon ball z Forever

User Info: supersmashbrosf

3 years ago#2
Press "x" to unzip.

User Info: gokuss4z

3 years ago#3
supersmashbrosf posted...
Press "x" to unzip.

Dragon ball z Forever

User Info: riddlebox89

3 years ago#4
A game where the majority of what you'd be doing is riding a motorcycle for five minutes, getting off, putting on a disguise and walking around doing very little of anything?

...Well, you've done it, you've officially trumped a game staring Ocelot being the worst idea ever.
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User Info: HighLight43

3 years ago#5
Sure, why not. It would still be a mostly stealth based Metal Gear game, and Eva's particular set of abilities might open up interesting gameplay possibilities. So yeah, not gonna happen, but... bring it on.

User Info: Vinsanity9000

3 years ago#6
Both Ocelot and Eva games would be terrible ideas. Eva is a Spy with some combat skills, not a solo sneaking/infiltration mission expert which is pretty much a trademark of the series for the main playable character.
Float like a butterfly, sting like VC!

User Info: high_contrast87

3 years ago#7
Yeah an EVA game would suck. By the time of Peace Walker/Ground Zeroes she is simply a retired/failed spy and the most useless and out of the loop member of The Patriots, sending Big Boss pointless reports that are of no use to him whatosever and consist mostly of stories about The Boss letting her government own her.

User Info: Big_Boar

3 years ago#8
Metal gear game staring Eva = possibly the worst idea ever concieved.

User Info: raikov15

3 years ago#9
I'd prefer to play as Meryl than Eva. The only female to have her own metal gear game is The Boss.

User Info: cheez194

3 years ago#10
it'd be cool to have eva be playable in some way...maybe in the next MGO, but her own game? nah.

actually, i think she was playable in portable ops, but i'm not too sure as i haven't played it myself
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