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User Info: The_Ivory_Man

3 years ago#12
Give Platinum a longer development time than (11 months?)

Story was fine making fun of MGS4

User Info: WalkerWonders

3 years ago#13
I actually enjoyed the story quite a bit. The game's story somehow perfectly captured Metal Gear while simultaneously parodying it to an insane degree.
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User Info: bvillebro

3 years ago#14
I think Sam for storyline purposes works best staying dead TBH. Even though (given metal gear and their history) I'm sure they could find a way to make him have survived the injury (they have done far more extreme things in the past)

I'd be alright with just another Jetstream Sam DLC that plays out his past. Maybe we get to play as him when he takes down some of those drug cartels

On second thought, i do wish the stealth aspect could have gotten a little more focus. I know the game doesnt encourage it, but at times it felt non-existent. There should be more ways to stealth, and more rewards for it

RevoIver_Ocelot posted...
For it not to exist

Whys that?
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User Info: Pinochet89

3 years ago#15
I would want:

Optional stealth: I know there was a bit in MGR, by sneaking behind and stabbing them or jumping above their heads and stabbing them upon impact. But, if they were to expand it, it would be awesome. Again, totally optional.

Keep the music: Seriously, it's awesome. It Has To Be This Way is one of the best themes i have ever seem. Jamie Alexander needs to score the entire game.

Ability to switch weapons instantly without having to pause.

Fox Engine: Lend Platinum the license and engine. MGR wasn't the most pretty looking game, but imagine the Fox Engine, running MGR 2 in 1080p/60fps!

Expand on Desperado's back story: Could be interesting, especially if they were to ever make a prequel. If not, pull a MGS4 and have the flashbacks appears during certain scenes by tapping X or A. We had very little of Mistral, Monsoon and Sundowner, and i would love to see more of them.

Bring back Raiden's family: At the end of MGS4, Raiden state's he is done running. Obviously, this didn't happen, but I am interested in what is going to happen to Rose and John. They're mention very briefly to be in New Zealand in MGR. That's it. What about a story where they get captured by the guys in charge of World Marshal ? I recall Sundowner saying that all the guys in charge are long gone and there were offices around the world. So, we can safely assume they will want revenge for what Raiden did at the ending of MGR.

Make it longer: I LOOOOVE MGR. But, it does feel too short. Especially if you rush through it. I have played through the game on all the difficulties a few times, but I want more out of it. I also played the DLC packs. They were interesting, but short. Also they recycled levels.

User Info: Silent_Snake666

3 years ago#16
I dunno why people hate the visuals so much.... I thought they were stunning and some of the best on the ps3
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User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#17
Just that it was longer.

User Info: DarkGam3r

3 years ago#18
More satire
More spine grabbing
More cyborg
More ninja
More everything
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User Info: Old_Solidus

3 years ago#19
solidus0 posted...
I was an adversary to MGR since it was converted from MGS:R to MGR:R and I saw Raiden throwing Ray in the air and other corny action scenes.

But after playing on the PC, I was pleasently surprised. I actually enjoyed the gameplay.

I hope they are planning for a sequel, however, there is lots of ground for improvement.

Here are my wishes:

-Better non-combat controls. The combat really felt fluid. However, aside from the combat, regular movements and actions really felt outdated. Walking, running around, jumping/climbing really felt like it belonged to 2003.

-Better stealth. They had stealth elements, but it was mostly gimmicks and didn't feel integrated at all. Again, action elements were spot on, but involving more stealth elements would be amazing since this is a Ninja game, which is just more about sneaking and staying the shadows, sneaky assassinations, even the trailing methods Raiden mentioned in MGS4.

-Better graphics, environment interactivity. Raiden's character model was pretty badass. But the rest did not look as good. Additionally, environment interaction was kinda plain. Cutting environments could be better integrated. And no to building blinking out and vanishing.

-Better story, More serious and realistic undertones. Less goofiness/corniness.The story was alright. Nothing to write home about. Having better characters and storylines i.e. MGS1-4 would definitely benefit game's overall quality.

-Longer game time. More variety in gameplay, environment. Regardless of if you liked all regions, MGS4 was greatly varied in each act. Act 1 was more moving through a war zone. Act 2 was more traditional, MGS3 style stealth action. Act 3 was complete urban stealth. Act 4 was interior sneaking i.e. MGS1 & 2. Compared to MGR, where all acts felt similar besides the boss fights. No real differences besides just the setting.

Invert your wishes to a review format and you have the reasons why I disliked MGR. I want it to be a Metal Gear. MGR felt way too cheap, the styling, the music, the graphics, the story, everything. It was an OK game, but not @ Metal Gear standards by a longshot. Perhaps they could learn a lot from MGSV.
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User Info: Th3BlackW0lf

3 years ago#20
¿What are metal gear standards? the plots are fanfiction level at best, and embarrasing with games with good narrative like Spec Ops The line and The Last of Us out there.

Metal Gear Solid =/= Metal Gear Rising

I dont want the Rising series stained with the typical overpretentious Kojima bullcrap from the main series, after PW i dont know why people put Kojima in such high pedestal, heck, i liked how Raiden mocked about the main series in the ''arguing philosophy with terrorists'' line.
The writing team did a fine job in Rising, the world building in codecs was fantastic, they revealed actual plot unlike the radio full of useless crap from mgs3 or the lackluster one from mgs4, up there with mgs1.
I hope Platinum and Kojipro writing team dont take anything from MGSV, i want an actual character and talktative Raiden not a mute muppet.

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