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User Info: eric_otness

3 years ago#21
Th3BlackW0lf posted...
¿What are metal gear standards? the plots are fanfiction level at best, and embarrasing with games with good narrative like Spec Ops The line and The Last of Us out there.

Metal Gear Solid =/= Metal Gear Rising

I dont want the Rising series stained with the typical overpretentious Kojima bullcrap from the main series, after PW i dont know why people put Kojima in such high pedestal, heck, i liked how Raiden mocked about the main series in the ''arguing philosophy with terrorists'' line.
The writing team did a fine job in Rising, the world building in codecs was fantastic, they revealed actual plot unlike the radio full of useless crap from mgs3 or the lackluster one from mgs4, up there with mgs1.
I hope Platinum and Kojipro writing team dont take anything from MGSV, i want an actual character and talktative Raiden not a mute muppet.

Well, technically, Raiden did talk in MGSV, too bad they reused most of Kiefer Sutherland's voice clips as Big Boss for the few times he talked (with a machine filter).

Though, yeah, I agree with you, especially the bit about Peace Walker. I can somewhat understand why Naked Snake would still be affected by The Boss's death, especially if we go by Gene's revelation in Portable Ops, but his loving Che Guevara was just... honestly, loving Che's 2008 Biopic or not, Kojima should have either kept Che out of Peace Walker, or otherwise leave it to characters who actually would have a reason to look up to Che (ie, the FSLN unit) and keep Big Boss and Miller OUT OF the praise (especially Miller as he's even less of the type to be a fanboy of Che than even Big Boss, especially when Miller's the closest to an actual pro-American protagonist in the game, especially when he viewed it in a much better light than he did Japan.). I also wasn't particularly fond of Kojima having to imply that France's entire female population turned out as harlots as a result of May 1968 in one of Cecile's tapes. Honestly, it's bad enough that the Sister of Rome is becoming a Liberal/Left-Wing Bastion since the French Revolution.

And yeah, arguing philosophy with terrorists definitely sums up the main Metal Gear franchise well, especially Peace Walker and MGS2 to some extent, and not in a good way. Honestly, arguing philosophy is a very bad idea since philosophy itself is utterly worthless (really, just look at Earthbound's Stoic Club to see what I mean, or heck, read Sartre, Foucault, and the like).

User Info: -Oath-

3 years ago#22
Have another amazing soundtrack.
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