Does anyone know which game unlocks which item? (spoilers)

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  3. Does anyone know which game unlocks which item? (spoilers)

User Info: hurridarby

5 years ago#1
I know that just about every game unlocks something, but does anyone know what beating each game gives you? I'm only interested in unlocking the two bonus games right now which is why I'm asking. Thanks!

User Info: gameboy2065

5 years ago#2
Im not sure how to unlock the second bonus game. But I think spewer unlocked A.V.G.M for me. Aether unlocks some of Edmunds drawings a child. Tri Achnid. unlocks a Lonely Hermet comic. Time F unlocks another comic. And Coil unlocks random drawings and illustrations. Havent beaten Meat Boy or Grey Matter yet.

User Info: Xman490

5 years ago#3
Really? For me, Aether unlocked "The Box" of childhood drawings, since Aether is inspired by Ed's childhood.
Time F unlocked "The Chest" (see: The Binding of Isaac's absolutely final level) with random recent drawings.
Coil unlocked AVGM, the light switch game, and both were experimental.

I haven't beaten the others, but since Spewer is longer than Triachnid, Spewer should unlock the second unlockable game.

User Info: banished09

5 years ago#4
I think every unlock just unlocks in order of completing games.
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User Info: Mr Stick

Mr Stick
5 years ago#5
The two bonus games are A.V.G.M. and Meat Boy (Map Pack).

AVGM is unlocked by beating Coil.
Meat Boy Map Pack is unlocked by beating Meat Boy, and is under Meat Boy's bonus items.

AVGM has 4 achievements and Edmund himself recommends NOT playing it since it's just clicking. The total amount of clicks will amount to almost 200,000 mouse clicks across four modes.

Meat Boy Map Pack has no achievements.

Aether and Time F**k unlock art work (The Box and The Chest respectively).
AVGM unlocks absolutely nothing.

I have not beaten Tri-Achnid, Spewer or Gray Matter yet (didn't play them).

And yes, Meat Boy Map Pack was confirmed by Edmund to be the 2nd game, via Formspring.
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User Info: OhNoPeppyHare

5 years ago#6
Spewer and Triachnid unlock more artwork.

Gray Matter unlocks funny photos of Edmund and Tommy.
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User Info: Xman490

5 years ago#7
OhNoPeppyHare posted...
Spewer and Triachnid unlock more artwork.

To be specific, Spewer and Triachnid unlock comic stories. Spewer unlocks a much larger comic.

I made a video of these main unlockables:
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  3. Does anyone know which game unlocks which item? (spoilers)

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