Achievement Guide (In Progress) {SPOILERS}

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User Info: Monixion

3 years ago#1
As it's nearly impossible to find a guide for this games Achievements, I thought I'd start a thread so we can share how to complete some of the not so obvious ones.

Amazonian Antagonist: Get caught cheating at five games.

Band of Blubbers: Whilst on the boat level, after dressing as the Captain, simply go back out onto the main deck and throw 5 fish into the sea. Needs to be the fish on the conveyor belts.

Cod of Duty: Whilst on the boat level, after sneaking past the Chef, simply grab a fish out of one of the boxes and slap the Chef with it.

Domino Dynamo: Whilst in the Wedding Chapel level, just before getting married, you'll notice 2 sets of columns with flower vases on them, carefully push one over so it knocks the others over in a domino effect. Will require several attempts, but only one line needs to be knocked over for it to pop.

Dunk Tank: Plug one of the holes up with a basketball when the tank breaks.

Poor Workplace Etiquette: Whilst in the Break room, where you need to set off the alarm, you simply have to turn all hobs on, put the kettle in the microwave, put something in the grill and smash the fish tank. Wouldn't hurt to completely trash the room as well.

Secret Shopper: To get the cereal before the woman puts it in her cart, climb the shelf from the back using the freezers and take the cereal from above.

Silent but Dadly: Whilst in the Break room, where you need to set off the alarm, don't activate the alarm but instead crawl through the air vent straight away. You'll then have to try drop into the toilet stall next to the Biologist without touching him, it's tricky but you'll get it eventually.

Smokey the Dad: Whilst in your Kitchen you simply have to take the log out of the fireplace and put it in the Kitchen sink.

The Best Man: Whilst in the Wedding level, before putting the ring on Scarlet, grab the fish on the right hand side of the screen and place it on the altar.

The Secret Gardener: Whilst in the Back-Yard pull up all the weeds without stepping on or destroying any flowers...can be very annoying.

Trim your Moustache: Whilst in the Back-Yard, when you have to put the bird-house back on its hook, instead of placing it back you have to try and throw it onto the hook so that Octodad isn't grabbing it when Chef turns up.

Those are all the more tricky ones I can think of, the rest are self-explanatory.

Hope this helps some people who were having difficulty figuring any of these out.
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