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User Info: SalvadorJones

4 years ago#1

This is from the Magicbox, so might wanna take it with a grain of salt.

-The game has a time progression system which shows a time counter on screen.
-Lightning can now perform sneaking action when she is exploring or pursuit enemies
-You can customize the equipment in sets, and switch between them during the battle
-Blast Witch, Holy Liberator are some of the costume sets, there are transformation sequence when you change
-The battle system has an Active Time Battle gauge which fills up with time progress
-You can assign skills to buttons and access them quickly
-Large enemies have multiple break points, when allows you to stunt them. While it is in break state, you can steal from them.
-The final break state is called Overclock, which freezes time

So yeah, to the person who suggested it might look like this :


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User Info: HRsksky

4 years ago#2
=O looking at that trailer again... yeah it sounds just like that!!!
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User Info: ilikeikeilikeik

4 years ago#3
Some of this stuff is confirmed, I'm not sure about the sneaking, and multiple target points though.
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User Info: SalvadorJones

4 years ago#4
More substance :

User Info: mahroflcopter

4 years ago#5
SalvadorJones posted...
More substance :

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