Should developers listen more to the fans?

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  3. Should developers listen more to the fans?

User Info: MagiusNecros

4 years ago#31
They should only listen to me. After all you ignorant fools are worthless!

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User Info: ilikeikeilikeik

4 years ago#32
No. The fans have no idea what they really want.
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User Info: Elice_Carol

4 years ago#33
ilikeikeilikeik posted...
No. The fans have no idea what they really want.

Exactly. We're basically getting most of the stuff we wanted in the series in the first place - Open world, battles you can't win by simply pressing X, blahblahblah, but the fans are acting like they've been betrayed. My guess is that it's because Sazh isn't playable in this.
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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#34
No they should do whatever they want and the fans can either take it or leave it. The fanbase would ***** no matter what they do.
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User Info: darkzero16

4 years ago#35
Junta_Jast posted...
MalakTawus posted...
Not so sure since FF fanbase is one of the craziest ever seen since basically it wants something and at the same time it want the exact opposite.

Also it doesn't help the fact that there is a very vocal minority that imo often can be very annoying.....and some people simply complain about FF games no matter what.

Listening to fans is a good thing in itself, but if you do so you also have to be very careful to filter the various suggestions.

Thinking about it, tons of my favorite games didn't had to "listen to fans" to become great games, so imo people at SE should simply follow their inspiration since till now i loved tons of their games,and listen to the fanbase only for minor things,NOT for the general directions of their games.

This. Also the reason everyone will hate on LR, because it is them listening to the fans again. There are already complaints of it being too open world, and the fact that Light is the only playable character, which is them adressing the major complaints of the last games.

o.0 wow just wow. Please tell me you are exaggerating. Anyways

Some_Static posted...
Ugh... not entirely. A game needs some original vision to be inspiring, but they should also look out for reactions. A bit of both.

This. But if I had to choose one I say go with your gut. Fans became fans because they liked your stuff. Obviously you did something right. Keep on with it.
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User Info: zodiac_sword

4 years ago#36
Yeah. We're buying this stuff. Hear us out.
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  3. Should developers listen more to the fans?

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