POLL: THE Best Battle System

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User Info: Sunburst

4 years ago#31
darkdragonflame posted...
but XIII paradigms and the gambit system from XII are also really good

I feel the same.
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User Info: leopardsnake

4 years ago#32
This is a XIII board; naturally XIII should win every poll. Most of the time it doesn't which is lol
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User Info: TheMoralessStar

4 years ago#33
XIII's battle system is in the lead... brb shooting my brains out.
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User Info: Rose_Mage

4 years ago#34
Conditional Turn-Based Battle (X)
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User Info: BlueDragmire

4 years ago#35
Voted FFXII.
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User Info: White_Knight13

4 years ago#37
TheMoralessStar posted...
XIII's battle system is in the lead... brb shooting my brains out.

This x1000.

User Info: Hyroglyphixs

4 years ago#38
XIII/-2 then X-2 then X for me.

I don't get the hate for the XIII/-2 games.. the paradigm system is fantastic. Sure you could auto-battle, but that is never the best option.


User Info: Reginleif20

4 years ago#39
heartlessprinny posted...
This poll is lacking press turn system.

What the...
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User Info: heartlesshero17

4 years ago#40
I voted for X-2
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