"...The Most Complete And Polished Final Fantasy Ever"

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User Info: LuBu1975

5 years ago#41
The fact that it's going to be an arpg, did you really think it would have the paradigm battle system? I thought that was obvious. Arpgs play like KH or Skyrim.
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User Info: Lee_Pai_Long_99

5 years ago#42
First of all, why do we think that if this game is being planned as and ARPG it's going to suck?
There's been plenty of popular ARPGs in history and we've liked them so far. Take Fable, for example: i believe the world experience wasn't even half as interesting as FFXIII and the game was not as polished graphic-wise and sidequest-wise. I didn't really see the point in getting a wife for the protagonist in that game, but still the overall amount of fun was high.

Now, some say that the small time frame that separates XIII-2's release and LR's release date indicates that most probably the game is going to be absolutely rushed and that, therefore, Toriyama's claims are nothing but fallacies and the game will suck even more. Please take a look at Assassin's Creed and its sequels. Not even a whole year passed by between Brotherhood and Revelations, and we still liked them both no matter what the mistakes of the last one were. Although we did find Revelations was not as cool as expected, we did enjoy it, you can't say you didn't.
You say LR is going to be too short? Please tell how long does it take to beat a modern game. If i'm not mistaken, most of them take fairly 10 hours to finish the story and maybe other 10 to get all the trophies. We've liked God of War? It's freakingly short and easy (well, maybe not that easy, but still...) and yes, we've liked it.
What about Devil May Cry? Come on, it's the same thing in every installment and the only thing that helps to change the game mechanic is the variety of weapons Dante can use.

I've not played all the FF titles, because i was just a kid when they came out and i didn't really care, and because school and college are quite the challenge time-wise, with homework and papers and tests and all that stuff that consume all my damn time.

I suggest leaving the hate aside for just once, wait 'till this thing comes out and hope for something cool. Even if we end up not liking it, our money won't be wasted since at least we are building cultural knowledge for ourselves, and that's enough for me to buy a game of a famous series. The same crap happens when you buy a book, read it, don't like it at all and then citing it everywhere.

You think you can produce a better game than the last FF installments we've had? Go ahead, i'm grabbing some popcorn.
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User Info: theofficefan99

5 years ago#43
"You think you can produce a better game than the last FF installments we've had? Go ahead, i'm grabbing some popcorn."

I hope you realize this is probably the worst argument in the history of arguments. This doesn't work.

You think you can make better food than this chef? Go ahead, I'm grabbing some popcorn.

You think you can make a better movie than this director? Go ahead, I'm grabbing some popcorn.

You think you can play basketball better than this guy? Go ahead, I'm grabbing some popcorn.

etc. etc.
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User Info: Lee_Pai_Long_99

5 years ago#44
And i hope you realize that that sentence is not an argument. An argument is composed by a premise, an explanation and a conclusion. None of those 3 elements is there. Therefore, that sentence is not an argument.
Said sentence was just made to emphasize my discomfort with the quarrel about this game, nothing more. I meant that i'm tired of everyone saying XIII, XIII-2 were crap and LR is going to be crap too, even if many do actually have a point. In other words, it's not like protesting is going to change anything. Accept what you have, embrace it and hope for something better to come. Don't complaint about something you haven't even seen yet.
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User Info: DullahanEX

5 years ago#45
TriangleHard posted...
The game is missing 2/3 of the story in FFXIII series...., so how is this most complete FF when most of other FF actually had complete story?

What does this even mean?
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User Info: gunbladeuser

5 years ago#46
I believe it. 3rd times the charm.
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User Info: LolOkay

5 years ago#47
Tell me more about how you've played the game.

User Info: Crepitant

5 years ago#48
ColonelGuile posted...
DragoonGriffith posted...
You take Toriyama's words seriously?

What possible reason does he have to lie?

And if he did, the other team members would be in an uproar which I don't see.

Are you serious?

He wants to sell his game :/

User Info: wolf rider

wolf rider
5 years ago#49
ColonelGuile posted...
DragoonGriffith posted...
You take Toriyama's words seriously?

What possible reason does he have to lie?

Are you serious?
Capcom. Square-Enix. Bioware. Blizzard.
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User Info: mahroflcopter

5 years ago#50
Lee_Pai_Long_99 posted...

No one is saying it will suck because it is an ARPG.

You are missing the point completely. Assassin's Creed didn't fundamentally change it's battle system every game, nor did it promise dozens of new set pieces, nor did it promise to do everything that LR is promising to do. And guess what? Revelations was heavily criticized for being rushed. LR promises a brand new battle system (which mixes elements from over a dozen games into one), a brand new world, brand new characters, brand new set pieces, etc... and they are taking a year at most to do all of this. They took 18 months and contracted work out to Tri-ace for XIII-2 and they still had to reuse at least 75% to 80% of XIII's assets to get the game out on time. See the problem?

Nothing ever changes in Devil May Cry? Oh, I guess Devil May Cry 3 didn't switch focus from "its okay to spam moves... as long as you kill the damn thing" in Devil May Cry 1 to "be stylish... not a spammer". I also guess it didn't introduce the Style system, didn't increase the amount of unique melee weapons from 2 (Alastor and Ifrit) to 7 (Rebellion, Cerberus, Agni & Rudra, Beowulf, Nevan, Yamato, and Force Edge... and Vergil's version of Beowulf has a different move set) in the special edition, didn't add special moves in for all ranged weapons, didn't massively increase the amount of moves and abilities over the first game (145 in DMC SE compared to about 30 to 40 in DMC 1), and didn't add in a whole bunch of other things. I also guess that Devil May Cry 4 didn't introduce the Devil Bringer, the Exceed system, a brand new character with a brand new move set, didn't introduce on the fly Style changes, didn't introduce the ability to use all weapons at any time, didn't change up Bloody Palace, didn't have all new set pieces, etc. I guess I hallucinated all of that and more.

LR a game released in a series where the first game took 60+ hours to complete the story alone and the sequel had 20 to 30 hours of content for the story alone. Why would people be happy to pay the same price for an experience that is a fraction of the length overall?

If your "cultural knowledge" of Japan is based off of playing Final Fantasy or really any other video game... I don't even know how to respond to that. You actually need to research and put everything into context for any of the "cultural knowledge" to mean anything... meaning you would be better off taking a class. I can watch as many French import movies as I want, but it doesn't mean I've gained anything unless I've actually taken the time to study and research the culture to put everything I've watched into perspective. Also, the type of book you are referring to for research purposes. People don't cite Harry Potter, Twilight, or the Hunger Games.

You really had to pull the "Let's see if you can do better" card? Okay, tell you what... you find me 250 to 400 people in the gaming industry, give me 50 to 100 million dollars, and find me a company to publish the game and I'll give it a shot. Yeah, didn't think so.
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