"...The Most Complete And Polished Final Fantasy Ever"

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User Info: _Snowx_

4 years ago#51
Chaos-Striker posted...
*Random BS. Source: my time machine*

Tell me, how is this going to make it the "most complete" Final Fantasy ever...?

/minor rant

Also, you don't know jack about this game, like everyone else, so keep your guesses for yourself.

User Info: Ftpkorn

4 years ago#52
theofficefan99 posted...
ColonelGuile posted...
theofficefan99 posted...
It's called hyping up a product you dunce. He doesn't care if he's lying; he's just trying to hype the game up. At this point I just want Toriyama to keep the vomit inside his mouth.

And how is he "hyping" up the product when we have just been discussing his previous works in here... (FF7 & FFX)

We had been talking about "taking his words seriously" and not about this new game being "complete and polished"

Are you even paying attention??? You failed to realize this twice now.

But sure just keep up the flaming comments... that's bound to get you somewhere...

Oh my GOODNESS, I'm talking about what he said. I don't care about your post that talked about X and VII. I am specifically talking about that quote, where he states that this will be the most complete and polished product ever. You said he has "no reason to lie," acting like he's a saint when he stated lies like XIII-2 having multiple endings that are more based on choice when there were NO MULTIPLE ENDINGS, as well as Lightning having multiple playable sections (yeah, a grand total of TWO (both of which are just battles, nothing else), ONE of which being DLC 4 months after the game's release!), and the game only being "slightly shorter" than XIII when XIII-2 is less than half of the original's length, and I'm saying that "Uh, yeah he does, it's called HYPING UP A PRODUCT."

You're still wrong, but it is rather humorous, continue.
Lightning likes to play life-sized chess in her new room.

User Info: ClericIdola

4 years ago#53
This is why I wish action RPGs would actually start playing more like action games, or in other words, giving us watered-down versions of action game combat systems for no logical reason. If Lightning Returns turns out to play EXACTLY like Bayonetta/Devil May Cry (even though I know it won't, given the information released), I'd be ABSOLUTELY satisfied. When I'm playing those games, I'm giving not two ****s about a "party", because regardless of the fact it still takes skill and strategy to overcome challenges in those games. You know, the funny thing about FFXIII's combat system is, the first time I really got into an intense battle in the game, my response was "OMG, this plays out about as fast as DMC".
"This isn't ATB. This is Command Synergy Battle... Welcome to the Future."
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