11/29 Update "The Logo"

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User Info: MagiusNecros

4 years ago#1

They say it took a lot of time to make but I don't buy it. At all.


Unless they took a lot of time playing something that is.

Jump Festa seems likely for something to show up.
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User Info: kupo1705

4 years ago#2
Good, no Kotaku link.

User Info: Vekkerer

4 years ago#3
It looks like they have the same measurements too. But that will be hard to compare until we have the box to compare.
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User Info: DragoonGriffith

4 years ago#4

It's even more evident when you put them one under the other like that.
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User Info: wwwgippal2

4 years ago#5
I expect nothing of this game. Maybe I will like it.
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User Info: Hitzkolpf

4 years ago#6
DragoonGriffith posted...
It's even more evident when you put them one under the other like that.

User Info: CranberryTaco

4 years ago#7
I think the logo designer(s) combined the Skyrim logo and the Terminator Salvation logo.

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User Info: Terra-Branford

4 years ago#8
I don't see the similarity.

User Info: IAMlnDiGNaTioN

4 years ago#9

User Info: hyro56

4 years ago#10
Trailer is imminent.
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