Teasing Lightning's new outfit.

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User Info: ayaloren

4 years ago#1

Motomu Toriyama promised that Lightning would be receiving a new look for her final outing in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The first details of that design are finally here.
Set to be revealed through Japanese magazines this week, a source who got an early look at the magazine has appeared online with some fresh details.
The outfit, designed by Tetsuya Nomura, is said to be a mixture of several styles. Similar to her outfit in FFXIII-2, her upper body is covered in a black armor, while the lower part features a body suit. Lightning is also wearing elements of a classic white mage’s outfit, including a white cape and red gloves. On her left arm is a shield that looks like something you might see in Mobile Suit Gundam. Her sword is also different, now a reddish and yellow color.
A fan has created their own impression of Lightning’s new look using LittleBigPlanet art. You can see it here.
With Lightning Returns set to resurface at Jump Festa, we should be seeing even more news shortly. Stay tuned.

I'm only as good as you allow me to be.

User Info: j-fielding95

4 years ago#2
I doubt it.

User Info: kupo1705

4 years ago#3
They should keep it simple, that works the best.

User Info: minime_sen

4 years ago#4

^ the news, not the fanart... that's ridiculous

User Info: HAAH_WAAW

4 years ago#5
oh god that gundam shield.

User Info: Wakizashi_513

4 years ago#6
That is hideous.

User Info: ayaloren

4 years ago#7
I have no words at the moment.
I'm only as good as you allow me to be.

User Info: marcBook

4 years ago#8
I suppose this is good news.

Thanks for sharing, TC.
"The whole building's coming down!"
"This isn't good!!!" YOU THINK!?

User Info: MalakTawus

4 years ago#9
Anyway,wasn't Lightning supposed to have more than one outfit?
......and also, wasn't her "main one" the one seen in that painting already revealed?
"Remember, you can make anything as idiot-proof as you want, they'll just build a better idiot...."

User Info: fftsp

4 years ago#10
Um...I'll wait til I see the real picture, and if I don't like this outfit, at least there are 20+ more to look at. I seriously hope the bottom part isn't that revealing
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  3. Teasing Lightning's new outfit.

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