Kitase guarantees you'll be satisfied

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User Info: BIG_C_4_LIFE

4 years ago#111
Only Nomura can satisfy me. I've given up on everybody else at Square Enix
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User Info: digidevilwil

4 years ago#112
mahroflcopter posted...
digidevilwil posted...

The problem isn't that they are doing something new... it's the fact that it took Square the better part of a decade to implement stuff that many other developers were doing early last gen. While great, we've all seen this stuff so often that it feels like "Great... what else do you got?" Vast interactive environments, customization, exploration, real time combat... WRPG's have been doing this for over 10 years and JRPG's usually have some form of exploration, side quests, etc. Directional input during combat for flexibility? Resonance of Fate already did this and 99% of other games and most other genres already have this. The time concept? Majora's Mask, Valkyrie Profile, etc. already did it. Day and Night cycles? It was fully implemented as far back as 15+ years ago. It's great that Square is finally catching up with the past 10 to 15 years of innovation, but I'm hardly about to pat them on the back for finally implementing things that other companies in the same genre have done for years. I'll just stop criticizing them for being relics. Sorry if I sound overly harsh, but Square has fallen behind the times for quite some time. Finally catching up after 8 years is hardly praise worthy.

Nice, it took you several games to achieve what this single game does. I'm not saying this game is innovate, nothing is really innovate anymore. What I'm saying is that this game is providing an combination of interesting elements that seem to work together to create a dynamic experience. Most other games you listed ride a gimmick and fall short in other regards, while so far, this game is presenting itself as a well rounded experience where all elements feel like they have an involved meaningful contribution. People are complaining about nonsense like having 1 character. That isn't a flaw. It would be a flaw if the game was designed to have several characters and then they ripped all the others out, but it's being designed with one character in mind. Like I said, people are trapped in a box, one way or the highway.

As for catching up. Well most people seem to be crying that SE won't stay stuck in the past. I don't completely disregard people's complaints, concerns, and some of the stigma the XIII franchise has created, but people are just stuck in a tunnel. This is a new game with new potential, and SE wouldn't be putting it out, if they didn't think it was worth it. Maybe it won't be all that, but people should do themselves a favor and find something real to complain about, because including their beloved towns and sidequests into XIII-2 obviously wasn't good enough.
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User Info: Bronze_Stuff

4 years ago#113
Lightning uses “Styles” in battle. Each Style consists of a certain weapon, shield, accessories, and abilities.

But will she have Guts style?

User Info: MagnaderAlpha

4 years ago#114
Glad to hear half the monsters in the game are brand new. I never cared for FFXIII's existing enemies, and do like the few designs seen in the concept art(Red Dragons, Anubys and Skeletons). Here's hoping a few classic FF baddies make their debut in the FFXIII world(namely Marlboros).

User Info: Chaotic Warrior

Chaotic Warrior
4 years ago#115
theofficefan99 posted...
LenneValkirye posted...
theofficefan99 posted...

I like bittersweet and tragic endings. They are far more memorable and meaningful IMO. And XIII's ending was far too happy IMO.

Beg your pardon? It's one of the darkest endings in the entire series.

It was far too happy. Fang and Vanille got crystallized and that's about it. And apparently 1/3rd of the population died, but we didn't see that. What we saw was a chain of ass pulls and a Deus Ex Machina that resulted in a happy-pappy ending. X, Crisis Core, Tactics, IX, VIII, VII and Type-0 all have far better endings IMO. And it's a shame because the finale was a disservice to an otherwise great tale IMO.

Kind of have to agree, 8, 9, hell even 10, and 7's endings were a lot better then 13's.
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User Info: Crossel777

4 years ago#116
I have a feeling Kitase hasn't the first idea what the Final Fantasy fanbase actually wants.

User Info: VanilleHopen

4 years ago#117
gaurenteeing to satisfy an unsatisfiable fanbase..

you amuse me kitase.. please do go on..
Hope misses Vanille's smile :(.

User Info: grassyboots

4 years ago#118
Kitase guarantees he will satisfy me?

Yoshinori Kitase, you silly man! You're a shrivelled, aging game developer who looks like a toad and hasn't made a good game in 10 years! Unless you can suddenly turn into a fearsome, manly, Chris-Hemsworth-as-Thor lookalike, how can you possibly expect to satisfy me?

*gathers delicate silks around self and locks door to boudoir*

If you can bash down this door, maybe you'll stand a chance!
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User Info: wolf rider

wolf rider
4 years ago#119
The game’s conclusion can be experienced straight from the package. (No download content will need to be purchased afterward, unlike Final Fantasy XIII-2.)

A sad state of affairs when this needs to be stated out right.
Capcom. Square-Enix. Bioware. Blizzard.
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User Info: GuyverAssasin

4 years ago#120
Lets see...
-Last Final Fantasy 13 game; check

-No whimsical ditzy ass main character (yes you serah), check.

-Combat is tweaked and polished..remains to be seen..but looks good so far.

The only other thing I ask for is a GOOD goddam story and more than one Full ATB attacks
To me the game would feel alot less repetitive and redundant from mashing "A" all day to attack and adding more unique special attacks. I want some flare and flash in my JRPG. Perhaps one unique Full ATB/limit attack per style would be fine with me. Just give me some variety please, christ. Switching paradigms over and over to look at the same lackluster attacks killed it for me.
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