Where did you all start with the series, and how do you feel about it now?

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  3. Where did you all start with the series, and how do you feel about it now?

User Info: turboethereal

4 years ago#111
Started with VII. Not crazy about XIII, but XIII-2 was great and i'm looking forward to LR.
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User Info: King_Shortt_IX

4 years ago#112
zodiac_sword posted...
MoogleCake posted...
King_Shortt_IX posted...
The series is on the decline, still makes for some decent games, but it has fallen steep from the apex of its golden age.

FF's 'golden age' was more about it being a big fish in a small pond at the time than being some super amazing experience.

Now they're not a big fish anymore.

Indeed, FF is no longer the standard to follow.
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User Info: Xclaim

4 years ago#113
VII was my first, XIII is my favorite. I've played a handful of titles in between.

I liked XIII-2, but the story kinda ruined XIII's, the ending was a letdown, and my favorite character (not to mention the game's cover girl) was in the game all of 10 minutes. That leaves me "cautiously optimistic" about Lightning Returns.
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User Info: kuro-shinigami

4 years ago#114
My first FF would be VIII, and favorite one is V.

I'm kinda neutral with the later FFs, don't really hate it but didn't really like it either. I'm pretty much waiting to see what they'll do with LR and the next main numbered FF
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User Info: Pirate_Duck

4 years ago#115
Started with VIII, then worked my way backwards.

I'm still holding out for the series to come good again, with either VXIII or XV, but right now I think the franchise has almost jumped the shark. Consumer confidence with the brand as a whole is probably at it's lowest point since the Spirit's Within.
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User Info: Diablo56789

4 years ago#116
Started with FF1 (Although I barely remember it until I replayed it a few years ago)

Favorite is probably XIII right now because it's the most recent good memory of FF i have.

I don't get the hate for some of these games, it seems people find one thing they hated about it and then, from that, blows everything else out of proportion so they can find a way to justify it

but whatever, as long as the fans don't get as bad as the ME fans I think we're okay for now.
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User Info: jasten

4 years ago#117
The first I played would have been 1 or IV. First I beat would have been VII. Felt VI through X were the golden years... with both X-2 amd Crisis Core being pretty good as well. But, I hate MMOs so XI and XIV automattically lose points with me and XII was a massive step in the wrong direction in practically every possible aspect. XIII didn't really get any better with the horrendous gameplay mechanics making it a chore to get through the story.

SE needs to get its head on straight and start realising they can't dick around with the series anymore. They've had their fun with MMO's and tinkering with several massive changes to the series... it's time for another ode to the older games like FFIX was in many ways. But I don't know if it will every feel like FF again... too many people are gone now that made that series what it was. Lost Odyssey felt more like an FF game than many of the newer titles...
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User Info: chaosflame108

4 years ago#118
I started with FF7 and fell in love with the series. I'm content with how the series has progressed. Every Final Fantasy is different. Basically square has to start from scratch each time; in this new generation of consoles, game development has become very expensive. It's only logical that they would use established tech(13 engine) to produce various ff games. Gone are the days of 3 distinct FF games per console.

I've played ff 6-13-2, and have greatly enjoyed all of them. FF13 focuses almost entirely on story. Since i mostly play rpgs for story this was a great notion for me. One of my complaints with ff12 was the lack of story and party interaction.

I agree with the notion that Square has been slipping a little this gen, but i don't believe they've become "garbage." DQ9/Kh3d/13,13-2 are awesome games. lol it's funny how Versus is in development hell, but that is meh anyway(imo).

User Info: Neutron15

4 years ago#119
Started with FF 1, what I feel about this series now is great, even though many hated XIII and XIII-2 though back then I am waiting for that Vaporware but who cares its dead, I am currently waiting for LR:FFXIII
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User Info: IceRune

4 years ago#120
I think I originally started with FFIII Legends. But I wasn't really aware of it that much since I was still little and don't understand anything that much. But I became aware with the series when I started to play VII. I saw the gameplay of IX, but never got to play it. Then X, then XIII. Lol.

I'm trying to find ways to play the ones I missed.

For me, I enjoy it lol. It's leisure. I also somehow...lol somehow learn some new vocabs in the games.
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  3. Where did you all start with the series, and how do you feel about it now?

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