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User Info: HAAH_WAAW

5 years ago#1
The full interview has been posted online on what we had before were basically the key points as interpreted by the people who leak the magazine and there are some new things...

-Chocolina is in the game to support the player but in a different role than the one she had in FFXIII-2.

-While Lightning's FFXIII-2 outfit was designed by Kamikokuryo, the new one is by Tetsuya Nomura. Toriyama wanted to emphasize the red and white present in Lightning's FFXIII outift, and using that as a base the new one was born.

-In this game, once the game begins the world ends in 13 days, but coinciding with its end is also the birth of a new world. Lightning's task as a "liberator/releaser of souls" is to guide them to the new world.

-Lightning's clothes are the clothes of a soul liberator, and the clothes and task are given by Bhunivelze. That's because while the "crystal myth" involves many gods, out of the ones that are concerned in the "Lightning Saga", Bhunivelze is the only one who hasn't made an appearance.

-The people of Luxerion quietly await the end, however, a bunch of serial murders start happening, these are apparently committed by a group of people who oppose Bhunivelze's creed.

-As previously stated, each of the game's four continents has its own concept associated with it. Luxerion's is "murder", because they wanted it to have a mystery component aimed at slightly more mature audiences.

-While people know the world is coming to end, they don't know only 13 days remain.

-Chocobos are still in and you still can ride them.

-Unlike FFXIII and FFXIII-2 where to stagger an enemy all you had to do was fill up an enemy's chain gauge, this time you have to fulfill a bunch of other conditions besides that.

-This time there are no QTEs.

-New equipment can be bought from the various vendors in the game, or made if you have the right components.

-Apparently "decorations" like the sunglasses Lightning is seen with in the latest trailer are in the game.

-Lightning's growth is tied to completing the quests you get from people in-game. From battles you get components to make new equipment and points to alter the amount of availiable time before the end.

User Info: shinigami_matt

5 years ago#2
No QTE? Canceling my preorder.

First you thought XII was a good game, then this. Wow. Everyone was right, SE has lost touch.
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User Info: chocolatesoda

5 years ago#3
Not buying equipment from anyone besides Chocolina. :|

User Info: HAAH_WAAW

5 years ago#4
-Lightning's clothes are the clothes of a soul liberator, and the clothes and task are given by Bhunivelze.

Lightning is working with Bhunivelze? Interesting.

@above posts: lol

User Info: TwoBit_Samurai

5 years ago#5
No QTE? Game of the year. Confirmed. Let us have them talk with Capcom about the next RE as well.
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User Info: najzere

5 years ago#6
Wow that all sounds awesome.

User Info: Tiael

5 years ago#7
Making me look forward to LR even more.
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User Info: ilikeikeilikeik

5 years ago#8
We are finally going to get to know more about Bhunivelze.

All this news sounds great, I'm, really looking forward to this game.
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User Info: marcBook

5 years ago#9
Sounds good.
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User Info: dils-d

5 years ago#10
Looks promising, but so did XIII(-2).

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