Sooo... *FFXIII/FXIII-2 Spoilers*

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User Info: sicko26us

4 years ago#31
roxas9001 posted...
sicko26us posted...
roxas9001 posted...
sicko26us posted...
YES, we are. Here is Snow's story in 13-2

Snow: Hey Sarah what's up?
Sarah: Hey what are you doing?
Snow: Check out my cool TAT
Sarah: That is cool who gave to you and why?
Snow: I can't talk now I have to find Lightening
Sarah: Me too, we should go together
Snow: Can't see you later
Sarah: You don't want to protect your fiancée or anything? I have mixed feelings about Noel and he is willing to protect me.
Snow: Good luck I hope you don't die and end the world
Sarah: What?
Snow: Bye

Then after 13-2
Snow: I need to get stronger, but I can't stop doing my mission
Snow: Sweet an arena, I should hang out here for a while

Snow: Oh, great Light screwed everything up again now I am stuck with all my superpowers
Snow: Oh well they have beer

Notice how it doesn't make a lick of sense? Now why exactly are you defending the terrible writing?

Man, you're clueless.

How so? How does taking time off of his time-sensitive mission and hang around in an arena sound like a good idea to you?

Unless the DLC actually shows him talking to the god who gave him the mission and getting permission to bulk up, it doesn't.

And even then it's still stupid, because of 13.

Cept he doesn't have to worry about his "time sensitive" mission where he's at the arena. I'm done explaining crap to some clueless clown.

That would have been nice for the party to know during 13, they could just go hide in the arena indefinitely. I am not sure why you are mad at me, I didn't write the story and you are the one defending it.

Do you honestly not see where I am going with this?
Motomu Toriyama is the worst writer in the history of video games, if you agree add this quote.
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  3. Sooo... *FFXIII/FXIII-2 Spoilers*

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