What was the last Squenix game you enjoyed from start to finish ?

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  3. What was the last Squenix game you enjoyed from start to finish ?

User Info: FF_Finisher

4 years ago#181
DQ 9 & 8 werent developed by square so those dont count

anyways I'll say FFXIII, I didn't hate FFXIII-2 but I def didnt love it either
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User Info: Drgonbxcross

4 years ago#182
Did you really expect anything different from the LR board?
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User Info: Mactation

4 years ago#183
Yuji Kaido posted...
Radiata Stories for me.

User Info: kingrat2314

4 years ago#184
XIII-2. It was alright.
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User Info: The_Undying_84

4 years ago#185
FFXII, Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts 2 are the only Square Enix games I've enjoyed, so FFXII. Sort of War of the Lions but I'm not counting that because it's a remake/port of a Squaresoft game, and worse than the original at that.
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User Info: Runner_style

4 years ago#186
I'm not going to count games Like Hitman, Just Cause, Sleeping Dogs, or anything like that since Square are nothing more than Publishers for those games. They had no hand at all in the games development.

So with that said, I'll go with the PC version of The Last Remnant.
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User Info: Prism Weapon

Prism Weapon
4 years ago#187
XIII-2 for me.

User Info: YoKoMog

4 years ago#188
XIII-2. I finished it for like 10 times already. Second is XIII, then XII.
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User Info: LenneValkirye

4 years ago#189
FF Dimensions came close, but the endgame was absolutely terrible.
So I'm going with FFXIII-2. Classic FF experience from start to finish.

User Info: zodiac_sword

4 years ago#190
LenneValkirye posted...
Classic FF experience from start to finish.

So you hated it?
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  3. What was the last Squenix game you enjoyed from start to finish ?

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