Japan rates their favorite FF female character

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User Info: soulabc

4 years ago#1

User Info: LenneValkirye

4 years ago#2
In before mass denial.

User Info: Plant42

4 years ago#3
LenneValkirye posted...
In before mass denial.

Lol wait for the three morons and their ten alts to make excuses.

User Info: Fulvip

4 years ago#4
Even though I do not agree with the list, I'm at the same time happy Lightning is on it. And #1, too.
Official Auron of the boards. The only one bad*** enough to like Light.
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User Info: westonticklee

4 years ago#5
Lol! The haters are gonna be mad now! Lightning #1 baby!

User Info: DragoonGriffith

4 years ago#6
Yuna is #3 and Celes is #5.

That's all I care about.
Currently playing: CT (DS), ToR, LoZ:WW.

User Info: HAAH_WAAW

4 years ago#7
w00t!!! Congrats, Lightning! :D


User Info: GoldPhalanx

4 years ago#8
Aerith > Yuna?

Pffffftttttt. Yeah suuuuuure.

I know Aerith is popular and all, but she's not THAT great of a character.
~Lady Tokimi~

User Info: Romangelo

4 years ago#9
a man rated #1 most fav female?

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User Info: kanart

4 years ago#10

1. Lightning (FFXIII)
2. Aerith (FFVII)
3. Yuna (FFX)
4. Tifa (FFVII)
5. Celes (FFVI)
6. Terra (FFVI)
7. Serah (FFXIII)
8. Garnet (FFIX)
8. Faris (FFV)
10. Rinoa (FFVIII)
10. Rydia (FFIV)
12. Selphie (FFVIII)
13. Rikku (FFX)
14. Beatrix (FFIX)
14. Yuffie (FFVII)
16. Ashe (FFXII)
17. Rosa (FFIV)
17. Eiko (FFIX)
17. Agrias (FFT)
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