For me it's not the evolution of the series thats been the problem...[READ]

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  3. For me it's not the evolution of the series thats been the problem...[READ]

User Info: King_Cloud18

4 years ago#1
I like the new battle systems (aka not turn based), I think it's fun and overall very entertaining. I think the graphics are great( though its not something I usually worry about). The worlds that the stories take place in are beautiful to look at and explore. I dont mind liner games, like at all! I was fine with how liner FFXIII was. It really doesnt make too much of a difference for me. So what's the real problem I have then?...

Its everything I enjoy about RPGs in general. The story, and the characters. All the FF games after FFX I just really don't like the characters, I couldnt connect with them, I didnt feel bad for them, I didnt laugh and cry and cheer for them throughout their journey. All the characters after FFX just dont do it for me. They're one dementional(*cough*Lighting*cough*), boring, and unlikable. I mean I realize its all about each persons opinion, but for me, its been really disapointing. The second thing, as I pointed out, is the stories in the last couple FFs. They;ve kind of been like the characters: boring, uninteresting, unlikable really. I think the biggest problem I think, is that they have been PRESENTED so poorly, and that I blame on SE writers. They have done a poor job of presenting the story in a neat, and "finely tuned", if you will, manner. The dialog is sooooooooo bad I want to cry. ("To save the future" was said 9,877 times in FFXIII-2)

Now granted, and again this is just my opinion. If I really like the characters, I can stomach a really lame story, simply because I like the characters and I'm cheering for them. But that has not been the case with the last couple FFs. Its a shame really, because I could care less what SE does to the CORE of the FF games, I just want a decent story and characters I can cheer for! But that has not been the case.

And dont get me started on the music, FF used to have insanely epic, beautiful music, and granted its still pretty good, but its got nothing on older FF games. But thats all I will say about the music.

Alright people, I just needed to poured my heart out. I love Final Fantasy. And I will continue to buy every FF game, cuz I have no self control haha. But yes, anyway, what do you all think? Do I have a point, or do you think I just need to accept that SE will continue to suck so long as the writers are doing drugs...
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User Info: Kalirian

4 years ago#2
I like my pancakes with honey or sometimes chocolate.
It's perfect.

User Info: HeyItsZant

4 years ago#3

No, but seriously I agree with you.
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User Info: LenneValkirye

4 years ago#4
Is it surprising that after well over a dozen of FF titles you eventually outgrow them?
I still don't see the problem here.

I haven't reached that point yet and I find modern FFs just as enjoyable as the old ones. That's about the only difference between me and you.

User Info: kirusu

4 years ago#5
just by your name and that you are "hating" on final fantasy 7 people are going to call you a nostalgic fanboy. i like your feelings though
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User Info: Tobi011

4 years ago#6
I respect you opinion TC, well excluding the part about the music, but other then that I see why you dislike it's story.

User Info: King_Shortt_IX

4 years ago#7
Well said.
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User Info: Blackmarvel79

4 years ago#8
While I enjoyed 12 and 13 to a lesser extent the Final Fantasy series grows less interesting to me with every new game. I started with 7 I went back and bought the older games to play and have played every game in the series plus the sequels. I think it was too much of good thing its begun to burn me out. Besides I started playing some of the western RPGs and have found them more appealing.
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User Info: King_Cloud18

4 years ago#9
I think that's why I'm having such a hard time letting go(of FF) is because its always been the game I can rely on for my RPG fix. I don't play western RPGs, not many at least, tho I probably should get into playing them more. I just like JRPGS a lot more than western ones.
If home is where the hearts is, where do you go when you dont have a heart? ~Dexter Morgan

User Info: kupo1705

4 years ago#10
I never really cared for the stories,
The amount of likable characters in X is considerably lower than IX, but there are still enough. XII had enough as well. XIII only had Sazh.
The music in X was better than most previous games. It was good in XII, but horrible in XIII.

I think it's just XIII that's the problem, but we'll see when XV comes around.
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  3. For me it's not the evolution of the series thats been the problem...[READ]

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