Do you think Laura Bailey will voice Lumina?

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  3. Do you think Laura Bailey will voice Lumina?

User Info: Camofrog2007

4 years ago#1
Or will they get a new voice actress for her?

User Info: Asiaboyz

4 years ago#2
Call and ask her.
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User Info: Celes--Chere

4 years ago#3
Yeah, it'll probably be the same VA.

User Info: HeyItsZant

4 years ago#4
I was originally thinking no of course not, but Toriyama actually said something like "You may have noticed Lumina looks a lot like Serah..." So now I'm leaning towards yes.
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User Info: xphoenixonx

4 years ago#5
Lumina? What have I missed?
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User Info: zodiac_sword

4 years ago#6
xphoenixonx posted...
Lumina? What have I missed?

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User Info: BlueMagicLore

4 years ago#7
Probably. Woman's got some serious range. If she's not going to voice her like Serah, she'll probably do some weird, corrupt version.

User Info: King_Shortt_IX

4 years ago#8
SE should save on money and just have Laura Bailey voice everyone.
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User Info: Objection102

4 years ago#9
I'm really hoping she does. She's, like, my favorite voice actor everr.

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User Info: holyknight14

4 years ago#10
I hope not, because I like Laura Bailey.
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  3. Do you think Laura Bailey will voice Lumina?

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