First FF, favorite FF, opinion on the XIII series, opinion on SE as of current

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  3. First FF, favorite FF, opinion on the XIII series, opinion on SE as of current

User Info: popsi_netn

4 years ago#371
First : IV

Fav : Hard one, I couldn't pick one, so I'll go for the 2nd "trilogy", 4-5-6 tie.

XIII : Didn't play enough to tell. I'm halfway through XIII-1 but so far I like what I see. Feedbacks generally don't mind the battle system, criticizing everything else. I'll go against the flow here, cause I hate the battles. Just not my type.

What keeps me playing is the story and the characters. I know people usually hates them, but, hey ! I played Final Fantasy since the '90s and this kind of storytelling is what Square tries to achieve since FF4. The plot is REALLY good by video game's standards and the graphics made the characters charismatic. I don't like them all, of course. But I like the main protagonist and I hate the main villain, so I don't ask for more, the job is done for me.

Square-Enix : They raised the bar wayyyyy to high with their previous entries in the FF series. Since VII, no FF was uninamous. What can they do ? Either way, they will suffer critics, justified or not. I espect the worst, hope for the best and that's it.

About their money-making never-ending spin-offs these days, I just don't buy and don't care. This is a fierce industry we've got there, we can't argue SE deeds are worst than other big games company's, so I just close my eyes on this and wait for FF15.

We live in a capitalism economy, and capitalism brings these kind of acts (iOS FF "games", remake and re-remake, etc.). Square-Enix is there to make MONEY, since the first FF, and that's it.

User Info: jasten

4 years ago#372
It would have been FFIV way back when.

FFX is my favourite.

XIII is just... really bad execution. Decent story but tedious gameplay that ruins the fun.

SE is in dire straits with the FF franchise, but good with other franchises still. Probably just the nature of the merger that we will never have a good FF again. Crisis Core was a fluke it seems.
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User Info: vega2505

4 years ago#373
X, none, it's crap, other than Deus Ex, they've put out nothing worthwhile in forever.
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User Info: Cremdogz

4 years ago#374
Favourite FF: FFIX
XIII Series: It's such a bold experiment, the world itself has become quite the inspiration to me. However, XIII's story wasn't well executed, and it took a long time for its gameplay to get good. I think it's a success, yet I also understand why others don't think so.
Square Enix: I love them, my favourite company, though I would like to see Parasite Eve & Chrono Cross released in EU/AU, not to mention Type-0. Apart from that, love them and have lots of respect for them.
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User Info: snaggleoooo

4 years ago#375
First: X
Favourite: X
On XIII: Poor (to me, the story moved far too slow, the characters were bland and I really disliked the battle system)
On SE: Got to stop flogging the dead horse that is XIII. Two sequels to one of the less well-received FF games is madness. Go back to the drawing board and give us something great. Gone are the days where a new FF game was an insta-buy, but I'm still willing to give them another chance (not counting XIV, which has already failed and has lost it's chance IMO).

User Info: OpheliaAdenade

4 years ago#376
First FF: Final Fantasy VII

Favorite Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy VI

Opinion of the XIII series: The world and mythos are lovely, but the writing could be a lot better.

Opinion of SE as of current: They haven't handled this generation as well as they did the previous ones, but I think that is understandable considering how much more work goes into making a game on the PS3 compared to what they are used to. Overall, I think they're doing okay, but aren't what they used to be. I think they can bounce back though.

User Info: DViper97

4 years ago#377
First FF: VII
Favorite FF XIII (**** the Flame Shield. Haters can bring it! Come at be, bro!!)

Opinion on the XIII series: Overall, I like the XIII games. I'm a big video game music buff. I'm also a sucker for orchestrated music, and chorus in my games. The music for both games drew me in quit a bit. To the point that, frankly, XIII's soundtrack is easily my favorite in the series. From the characters to the gameplay, and certainly the pacing, I've enjoyed much what the XIII games have brought to the table.

Nonetheless, I think the Toriyama's team could have done better with the execution of the story in both games. I still have no idea why something as key as the FNC mythos video, per XIII, was never put into the game as a prologue. Also, while it is the more open-ended of the two, it took me a while to get into XIII-2. I found the way exploration was presented didn't really do it for me. In addition, I hope like hell something like the clock puzzles never appear again. I'm not all in on LR, yet. I had nothing ruined for me the entire time I went through XIII-2. Even then, LR's announcement didn't surprise me all that much. It's the last one, and XIII's usual suspects on the music side on back on board. So I'm definitely going to give it a go. I just hope the game is quality.
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User Info: kewldude475

4 years ago#378
XII, X, XIII is good, but nothing special for sure, XIII-2 is excellent, SE is still one of the greatest video game companies
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User Info: SandOnMyBoot

4 years ago#379


The worst RPG I have ever played. Why the hell did it get sequels after all the negative criticism and extremely divided fans?!

Once titans of the industry, now arrogant idiots who hate quality gameplay, player choice, and competent writing.

User Info: DiGiovanni

4 years ago#380
First: VII

Favorite: V

XIII: I like the story, but I don't like the gameplay. It lacks the depth of most of the other games.

Square Enix: I feel like they should quit focusing on producing games, and put their money toward some really good Final Fantasy games that are not part of the XIII line. I would love to see an action-oriented Final Fantasy that is actually really good, and not see them produce another Deus Ex game or something like that.
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  3. First FF, favorite FF, opinion on the XIII series, opinion on SE as of current

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