First FF, favorite FF, opinion on the XIII series, opinion on SE as of current

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  3. First FF, favorite FF, opinion on the XIII series, opinion on SE as of current

User Info: Tharx75

4 years ago#411
First was 8, favorite is 6, 13 is mostly bad, Square is bad and they should feel bad.
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User Info: MarquisRyiz

4 years ago#412
First: FF7
Fav: Tactics

Opinion of XIII: Meh
Opinion of SE: I would say worthless, but they published and or developed Sleeping Dogs and Deus EX:HR both great games. Soo...Meh.

User Info: siberian142

4 years ago#413
First was 7, my favorite is 10. I am not as much of a fan of Final Fantasy anymore because of XIII, but that is more because I don't like it as much as the older entries and they keep focusing on it. SquareEnix bores me nowadays because they seem to just release ports, entries in the XIII series, or IOS games.

User Info: ratchet200

4 years ago#414
The XIII series tried something new but failed as a result. Making 2 additional sequals trying to improve on their past mistakes hasn't helped the series at all (although i can't say much about XIII-3 as it hasn't been released yet).
Square Enix? Well, i honestly think they should be making Final Fantasy games ONLY (possibly other RPG type games). For some reason they've been getting into genre's that aren't exactly their forte`. Some examples are Sleeping Dog's, Supreme commander 2, Just Cause 2.
Now i know these aren't exactly bad games - in fact their quite good - but imo, they should spend more time making an incredible game, a truly magnificant game, rather then just good games.
I mean, when was their last master piece they made?

User Info: ZeroBeatt

4 years ago#415
First FF: Final Fantasy VI

Favorite FF: Final Fantasy IX

Opinion on FFXIII Saga: Derppy Derp Series

Opinion on SE currently: Shape up Square! Shape up!!!

User Info: uncydan

4 years ago#416
First - FFVIII

Favourite - FFX, closely followed by VII and VIII

Opinion on XIII - Had potential, I just couldn't connect with the characters. It seemed expect you to know too much about the characters from the get go...for me anyway. XIII-2, completely loved it. I felt that they built up the characters at just the right pace and it felt like an FF game.

SE - I think they've become lost a little bit in the current console gen...I think that's one of the reasons FFXIII has gotten 2 sequels, they are experimenting and trying to find their feet again. They seem to have gotten caught up with things 'looking pretty' and are focusing too much on that aspect as opposed to the wonderful stories of past games. All signs point to them getting back on track with 'A Realm Reborn' and the eventual FF Versus (which imo will end up being a PS4 launch title). As a publisher, they seem to be doing a lot right in the corporate sense.......not sure what Hitman sales figures were but I'm sure it did well and I can't see Tomb Raider failing it looks beautiful.

User Info: jo_sean06

4 years ago#417
VII, XII, XIII was a great leap forward, and yet many leaps back. I use leap because it was a great game with flaws.

SE honestly has become a money-grabbing company :/ I really had hoped that they wouldn't go this way. As a matter of fact, it's the first time I realized a game company went this way. It's unfortunate. I just really hope they'll find a way to redeem themselves. Versus XIII, if great, will only help a fraction of all the respect SE once had.
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User Info: Lindaru111

4 years ago#419
FFIX, IX,IV,VI, was okay at first but it has or needs to stop, DLC money milking, corrupted and hollow shell of it's past self of a company.
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User Info: Geomagnus

4 years ago#420
First FF: Final Fantasy XII
Favorite FF: Final Fantasy VI
Opinion on XIII: First game bored me to death, the second was actually enjoyable.
SE at large: I don't really care enough to say I like them or dislike them.
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