First FF, favorite FF, opinion on the XIII series, opinion on SE as of current

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  3. First FF, favorite FF, opinion on the XIII series, opinion on SE as of current

User Info: deprofundis442

4 years ago#421
First FF: FF1
Favourite FF: FFXII
Opinion on XIII series: Kind of uncalled for. XIII-2 seems okay from what I've played, but XIII was better. XIII-3 looks a little AC and I'm not really sold on it, nor do I feel it was a necessary entry.
Opinion on SE: They're not doing so hot, that's obvious, but that may change once the XIII series is done and they release something fresh.

User Info: Morael_Thel

4 years ago#422
First FF: VIII

Favorite FF: VI

Opinion on XIII series: not good enough to warrant 3 games

Current opinion on SE: 3 XIII games and none of them is versus...other than my impatience for them when it comes to that game I hold them in high(ish) standing.

User Info: RikusTwilight

4 years ago#423
First - VII

Fave - IX

Opinion on XIII - A good game in the series

Opinion on SE - They need to halt FF's for a few years and bring some DQ, KH and other properties to light.

User Info: Awesomebrand

4 years ago#424
4, 4, ****, not as **** as capcom and not as stupid as sega but still **** stupid.

User Info: TheBatman91

4 years ago#425
First: VII
Favourite: VII

I used to be a huge FF fan from the PS1 days but I believe post X-2 this series has been dying a slow death, I'd love to see it reclaim its former glory as the JRPG king but with the direction its going in I don't see that happening.

RIP Squaresoft.
Demon/Dark souls > FFXIII/XIII-2.

User Info: selfpityingbuff

4 years ago#426
First: FFVII
Favourite: FFVIII
Opinion on the XIII series: Loved XIII, thought it was the best FF since IX. Hated XIII-2, thought it was the worst non-MMO FF, and by quite a long way. I was left baffled by the fact that most people seemed to consider XIII-2 to be superior to XIII.
Opinion on SE currently: Hmm, I dunno. I don't really know much about them as a company. I just hope to hell they continue making games their way. I also really hope that we get to see KH3, FFXV and that Vs game before I die.

User Info: seth4461

4 years ago#427
FFI, FFVIII (for numbered) or Tactics(for everything else), It's ok, people ***** to much over stupid things about. It'll be fine, one way or another, but I won't really care until I get Crono 3
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User Info: greatersphere

4 years ago#428
First: VII
Fav: IX
Opinion on XIII: Awesome
Opinion on Square-enix: trying not to be complaining but could do better at least.
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The Joker: [laughs, coughs] Actually that is pretty funny.

User Info: sockesocke

4 years ago#429
First FF, favorite FF,
ff7 for both

opinion on the XIII series
loved 13, 13-2 is good, interested in lightning returns

opinion on SE as of current
they should experiment less with the ff series imo.
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User Info: iRawrHardcore

4 years ago#430
VI, VII, absolute garbage, SE needs to just quit now.
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  3. First FF, favorite FF, opinion on the XIII series, opinion on SE as of current

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