I thought FF7 was the best RPG

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  3. I thought FF7 was the best RPG

User Info: Ah04385

4 years ago#11
Meh. VII is better than IX. IX is the worst ps1 FF IMO.

User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#12
FFX is the best RPG.
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User Info: bluedragon619

4 years ago#13
9 is the one I never played but always wanted to, I think I should get me a psn card and download
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User Info: Romangelo

4 years ago#14
ExtremeLight posted...
FFX is the best RPG.


FFX >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FFIX

Garnet is a poor man's Yuna too.
X > V > T > VI > XII > XIII-2 > X-2 > XIII > TLR > VIII > VII > IV > IX > III > I > II

User Info: westonticklee

4 years ago#15
Steiner? Likeable? Just got out evil forest? Lol!
I come from the future
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User Info: King_Shortt_IX

4 years ago#16
IX is a good game, but VII is the best FF for now.
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User Info: rpmrn

4 years ago#17
Seriously... Nobody think that FF VI is the best?

The world is ruined mid-game... After that the heroes are corrupted and fight for revenge...

Most of the characters are well developed. All of them have side quests to improve their story.

And the main villain is really intelligent, evil, chaotic and nihilist. He was made to be hated by the player. Specially after what he did to Cian...

IMO from best to worst:

User Info: rpmrn

4 years ago#18
Sorry for the double post.

I didn't include the spin-offs... But just to mention, Tactics puts most of them to shame.
And if included would be Top 5 for sure.

User Info: legisu86

4 years ago#19
I thought FF7 was the best RPG, until i played other games like Xenogears, Mother 3, Terranigma, etc...
My three major game trauma: Shenmue, Xenogears and Xenosaga
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User Info: MysteryVeil

4 years ago#20
IX is by far one of the best, as much as I enjoyed all the others.

And Zidane is one of my favorite MCs of all time.

Great choice to play. :)
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