POLL: Are you going to buy this game?

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User Info: henrykczypionka

4 years ago#41
Used only, Square is not touching my money.
Gandalf the Istari 4 years ago#42
for 10-15$

User Info: Valkyrie_Sera

4 years ago#43
henrykczypionka posted...
Used only, Square is not touching my money.

but Square Enix did touch your money if you are still buying used game.
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User Info: Aldath

4 years ago#44
...The most answered here is "YES"

And I bet most of people who come here to complain answered it :)

Bravo, BRAVO! You're still contributing to keep SE making this mess.

"We're only like 30% of the gamer population who will buy it, the rest are trolls"

Well, you're still gonna be a 20/10% of people qho qwill buy it.... numbers are numbers still
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User Info: justdontask

4 years ago#45
even the haters saying no are giving SE what they want... attention... if you pay attention to the game, you care about it, even if its negative, its still attention... so by going all over the internet screaming "i hate this game" youre still providing it with attention, which makes it more popular, which gives it a better chance of coming out....

hurray for logic!

however, im preordering it as soon as i know what day its comin out... i cant wait for this game!
the only part of gamefaqs i like are the walkthroughs for games i like.
trolls avoid large blocks of text they can't criticize for all to see.

User Info: Ftpkorn

4 years ago#46
Pre-order super delux edition with free lightning pillow and boxer's.
Lightning Farron Warrior Goddess' true #1 Fan

User Info: chaoscontrol325

4 years ago#47
I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, since it's world driven. I love world driven games.
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User Info: DeFenz

4 years ago#48
henrykczypionka posted...
Used only, Square is not touching my money.

This sounds rational....give your money instead to a store that gives people $5 worth of credit for a trade-in and then turns around and sells the same game for $34.99. They're not crooks at all.........................
Broken promises don't upset me. I just think "Why did they believe me?"

User Info: fftsp

4 years ago#49
Day 1, no doubt, the battle system and exploration has won me over

User Info: KeyBlade999

4 years ago#50
Can't due to a lack of proper systems so ... No.
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