Worst FF pre-X?

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User Info: thegreatcthulhu

4 years ago#111
I'd say FF2 takes the cake for being the worst one prior to FFX. And still to this day, it is IMO, the worst. It's a shame too, since I like some of the characters from FF2. But the game play of FF2 just BLOWS chunks IMO. I just could not get behind its cumbersome leveling system.

I'd take FF8 any day over FF2.
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User Info: Ah04385

4 years ago#112
UnderratedGamer posted...
Ah04385 posted...
Mentos2000 posted...
gameslicker posted...
i dont care what others say, IX for me. i honestly thought it was a step backwards after VII and VII, especially looking back on it now

That's because IX WAS a step backwards. It was meant to be a game to return to the roots of FF.

I know it was a step backwards to the old FF's but it was an awful experience for me and I don't want to play it again. That being said I don't hate classic FF's because I enjoyed III,V,VI,I, and IV.

Kind of off-topic, but do you play the older FF games on emulators or the ancient consoles?

Emulators. I would play it on the classic systems but I can't get my hands on the old systems.

User Info: Some_Static

4 years ago#113
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User Info: ManaYuka

4 years ago#114

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User Info: LolOkay

4 years ago#115
V. No doubt.

User Info: Dragonclaw_ZERO

4 years ago#116
dils-d posted...
Dragonclaw_ZERO posted...
Not to mention the entire WORLD MAP being cutoff at the endgame.

Kinda happened in IX too.

Not nearly on the same scale.

Everything single town is cut off at the endgame.

Only about 33-50% of the locations in FFIX was cutoff. Most of them were dungeons.

Its a big difference between 100% and 50% at BEST.
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User Info: Asuract

4 years ago#117
@TC How dare you hate 4! 4 is one of my favorites.
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