Favorite sword in Final Fantasy series?

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User Info: Shadowrider70

4 years ago#11
Masamune. That, or fisticuffs.
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User Info: MoogleHunter

4 years ago#12
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User Info: kupo1705

4 years ago#13
Needs more Ultima Weapon votes.
I mean, it's a lightsaber.


User Info: Shotgunnova

4 years ago#14
Blood Sword

2nd place: Organics
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User Info: BlueDragmire

4 years ago#15
I like Ultima. It is cool.
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User Info: kuro-shinigami

4 years ago#16
My favourite would probably be the Caladbolg and Kimahri's Spirit Lance (Longinus)

User Info: Sir_Tom_Jones

4 years ago#17
Buster Sword.
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User Info: metalmariolord

4 years ago#18
Falcon Punch

Summon Odin


Enemy down!
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User Info: mahroflcopter

4 years ago#19
Blazefire/Gladius for Lightning.
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User Info: xanketsu

4 years ago#20
No Deathbringer?

Very useful for 80% part in XII. ^^
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  3. Favorite sword in Final Fantasy series?

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