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Favorite Final Fantasy quote

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User Info: Zantetsuken_G

4 years ago#1
favorites of mine:

Garland : "I, Garland shall knock you all down"

Kefka : "Son of a submariner"

and my favorite of all time

Moguo(i think that his name, was a moogle from Final Fantasy IX) : "I'm sharpening my knife, kupo!"
"Men in battle, do not need women. My love is my Sword!" - The Almighty Dekar from Lufia II

User Info: The_Pig_Hostage

4 years ago#2
Serah: "Make love to me, Lightning, please!"

User Info: j-fielding95

4 years ago#3
Find your own road to hell!

User Info: Lindaru111

4 years ago#4
Zidane: You don't need a reason to help people.

Auron: I forsee no difficulty (also quote before the fight against spoiler).

Gilgamesh: Now we fight like men, and ladies, and ladies who dress like men, for Gilgamesh it's morphing time!

Those are one of my favorite quotes in the series
You don't need a reason to help people. - Zidane (FFIX)

User Info: dils-d

4 years ago#5
Aerith: "......Hmmmmmmmmm. So that's how you fooled them."

User Info: chaosflame108

4 years ago#6
Orphan: A haven yea, yet it must fall, ere we be saved...

Cid(ff7): His speech about protecting the planet, after having returned from space.

Lightning: "Lightning" It flashes brightly, then fades away. It can't protect, only destroy...

User Info: dougledon

4 years ago#7
Squall:"Then go talk to a wall"
Got a little twist of Cain from the God below

User Info: Q Slick

Q Slick
4 years ago#8
Kefka: "Wait, he says. Do I look like a waiter?"

Yuna: "I don't like your plan. It sucks."

Zidane: "Oooooh, soft."

Phoochuchu: "I got no business with a flea like you, so get out of my face before I decide to messy-wess you up."

Five of Spades(?): "WHAAAAAASSSSSUP?!"

Chocobo: "Wark!"
Aha! May Della depart a Nissan as Sinatra pedalled Yamaha?

User Info: Fenrimis

4 years ago#9
"Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!"

User Info: DragoonGriffith

4 years ago#10
"Memories are nice, but that's all they are" - Rikku

"I dreamt I was a moron" - Squall
Waiting for: NNK, Tales of Xillia 2

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