Favorite Final Fantasy quote

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User Info: charlton3k

4 years ago#21
Zidane: "Ooh, soft!"

Yeah that scene always cracks me up :D

User Info: ArwingMaster

4 years ago#22
"Son of a submariner!

User Info: MagiusNecros

4 years ago#23
Everything GILGAMESH says.

Some can say that GILGAMESH says what accurately describes certain aspects of Square as a company.

In Type 0 he suffers from amnesia and doesn't know who or what he is, possibly relating to FF and Square as a company losing sight of what they are.
I have always hoped for a BERSERK Final Fantasy Game to be made realized.
Official GILGAMESH of every Gamefaqs Board

User Info: ChaosBreaker898

4 years ago#24
Kuja from Final Fantasy IX.

Peace is but a shadow of death, desperate to forget it's painful past...
Though we hope for promising years, after the shedding of a thousand tears,
Yesterday's sorrow constantly nears. And while the moon still shines blue,
By dawn it will turn to scarlet hue.
Disappear! My sword does not exist to crush insects like you.

User Info: savagechild89

4 years ago#25
"in the end it all boils down to two simple choices. either you do or you don't. you'd think with all the problems in this world, there'd be more answers. it's not fair. but that's the way things are. the choice is yours." - Zidane
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User Info: myack1

4 years ago#26
Kefka - "Wait he says...do I look like a waiter?"

Cloud - "And Sephiroth...to the settling of everything!"


4 years ago#27
"Hatred is what drives me!"
Sometimes I can`t see the value in fighting...There`s no profit in the enemies here, It`s a waste of time!

User Info: semiokme

4 years ago#28
Don't blame us. Blame yourself or God.
-Delita, FFT

The choice is yours to make. But don't give your heart to a stone.
-Balthier, FFXII
Admit it, you only came back to Atlanta for the hat.

User Info: Kain426

4 years ago#29
Can't wage war on an empty stomach! - Sabin

User Info: JunpeiHermes

4 years ago#30
Gilgamesh: Now we fight like men, and ladies, and ladies who dress like men, for Gilgamesh it's morphing time!

Vivi:How do you prove that you exist...? Maybe we don't exist..."
and another of Vivi
"No more. I won't let you make any more instruments of murder!"
"Here lies a great franchise, killed by corporate hunger. Farewell, Megaman, we wish you get equipped with Metal Blades in heaven"-Megaman Tombstone

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