Favorite Final Fantasy quote

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User Info: cloud358

4 years ago#71
The_Pig_Hostage posted...
Serah: "Make love to me, Lightning, please!"


User Info: zodiac_sword

4 years ago#72
What do you think it means when a girl leaves a fake mustache at your house?

User Info: CptJiggles

4 years ago#73
"You spoony bard!" -Tellah
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User Info: Arumat808

4 years ago#74
Kefka: "Hee, hee! Nothing can beat the music of hundreds of voices screaming in unison!"

User Info: Danahell

4 years ago#75
Lightning to Exdeath: "Go find your stupid void and stay there"
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User Info: justdontask

4 years ago#76
the sugar and rainbows one from Sazh, but its been mentioned (that whole scene is touching).... the prison repository conversation between Balthier and Vaan, but its been mentioned...

"this isn't a prison it's a sty." -Balthier
"huh?" -Daguza
"i said you stink Hamshanks, hear me now?"

"Believe in Lady Luck now?" -Fang
"Yeah. Lady BAD Luck!" -Sazh

"We're gonna be a Cie-food buffet!" -Sazh
"Cie-food. Cute." -Lightning

"So, thief--" -Balthier
"my name's Vaan"
"listen, thief *stutter* Vaan, if we want to survive, we have to work together."

"i didn't see him kill anyone." -Balthier (after Basch gets some armor from a corpse, i don't remember the whole conversation)

"This Esper is the Dynast king's treasure. It is a treasure whose worth cannot be measured." -Ashe
"i was hoping it was a treasure whose worth we COULD measure." -Balthier

"You know what they say, Pulse is hell." -Sazh
"Listen here, funny man!" -Fang (when unlocking chocobos in Archylte)

"i know that trot! you must've found yourself some good fertilizer." -Sazh, when meeting the Gigantuar

thats all the good ones i can remember.....
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User Info: darkus_f

4 years ago#77
Barret: There aint no gettin offa this train we on!!
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User Info: mistermikeymike

4 years ago#78
cant believe anyone enjoyed any of the cheesy quotes like speeches and stuff. those are always super cliched.
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User Info: EpsteinBarr

4 years ago#79
"I dreamt I was a moron"

User Info: ragnarokius

4 years ago#80
Lindaru111 posted...
Zidane: You don't need a reason to help people.

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