13 is what started the venom spewing between fans

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  3. 13 is what started the venom spewing between fans

User Info: Drgonbxcross

4 years ago#1
And split the fanbase between older and newer fans (let's say newer fans joined around 12 since I don't it's possible that 13's and 13-2's sales garnered millions of sales from mostly "brand new" fans) and turned it into a dick waving contest to see which games were better.

I'd give it a C+. The combat system really got on my nerves with character placement and attacks getting interrupted and canceled. And the fact that there was no leveling system for defense really urked me (the accessories were cool, but even then those only helped your defense by like, what? 15% or something?). The story was alright, exploration being limited to a few areas on pulse (even though a couple areas were big, they got pretty dull for me) and being motivated by missions was really dull though.

Didn't like 13-2

but anyways.

Frankly, it's gotten pretty old, and hopefully it ends with versus or 15. Although I can't see that happening because then all the 13 diehards will want more games similar to 13, and more lightning, of course.

Can't we just get a new mainline FF and all harp on that instead?
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User Info: kirusu

4 years ago#2
my hatred started with that prequel crisis core, and sequel to ff4TAY. this shows that sequels and prequels are not good when they tell the story of the previous game. the exact whole story at that.
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User Info: chocolatesoda

4 years ago#3
Fans started to split since VII (maybe even before that). It only escalated over time.

User Info: Smashwarlocks

4 years ago#4
Its always been devisive. the availability of internet makes it visible.
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User Info: chaosflame108

4 years ago#5
Umm, not really. I'd say it started with 8.

User Info: Mesmeril

4 years ago#6
It started with people who started it.

User Info: darkphoenix181

4 years ago#7
It started with 7 when 7 fans said it was best game ever and older fans said no.
Then the video game media kept chiming in about how 7 sold massive copies and putting it at the top of lists. This made FF7 haters mad and jealous at the same time because now their only argument was opinion whereas FF7 fans had psuedo facts. Then came the venom.
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User Info: shinigami_matt

4 years ago#8
Smashwarlocks posted...
Its always been devisive. the availability of internet makes it visible.
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User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#9
8... then X-2. Then whatever game come after Versus. These "divide" happen after a major FF games.
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User Info: OpheliaAdenade

4 years ago#10
I came in with FF VI o.o and I actually like the XIII saga. So it's not old vs new thing exactly. Just different tastes and hurt butts.
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  3. 13 is what started the venom spewing between fans

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