Will you buy an remake of FF7 the greatest game in the FF series of the PS1 era?

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  3. Will you buy an remake of FF7 the greatest game in the FF series of the PS1 era?

User Info: KaiKun91

4 years ago#141
I would because I grew up in the FF7 period. Only one I would put near 7 is X or IX.

User Info: GigaGaia

4 years ago#142
I would buy it, but let's face the truth, Square-Enix today is different than what Squaresoft was back then. It's obvious that they would change things and butcher the game. They'd ruin what was already a very good game by putting their stupid new mechanics.
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User Info: CatMuto

4 years ago#143
MewMewFan posted...
If they do decided to make an FF7 remake, would you buy it? I have the orignal FF7 and wished SE would be brave enough to make an remake of the greatest game before the other FFs and XIII which I admit may have its ups and downs. Would you play it?

.....they would have to remake several things for me to get interest in it. If they were to change a ton of stuff (Upgraded graphics, different battle system - or at least make it f***ing faster, add more sidequests, more scenes where you see Cloud and Zack interact in the past - you know, make Zack a more dimensional and important person in Cloud's memories than he was before unlike in the original VII where he was just... there, also add voice acting and I mean PROPER voice acting) then I might consider buying it.... otherwise, no, not really.
I might try it but it would really depend on things.

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User Info: ShinXenogears

4 years ago#144
I respect his oppinion about FF7 being the best according to him but to me it is not the best of the ps1 era it is great tho and i would buy a remake extra fast if they came out with one
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User Info: Nairodmatic

4 years ago#145
oxnerd posted...
An remake... you made the mistake twice, like an seriously?

Just got an actual LOL sir or madam. Thanks.
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User Info: shinra35800

4 years ago#146
Sure, if it's anything like Resident Evil Remake or MGS The Twin Snakes (graphically enhancing wise). Needs me a FFVI like that more than VII though :P

User Info: Casual_Orange

4 years ago#147
No. Because not only is FF7 THE WORST Final Fantasy game IMO. It already has 2 spin offs and a movie. How about giving the better FF games some goddamn spotlight ?
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User Info: Omega_Zero_XP

4 years ago#148
Pre-order, day 1 buy, and any gouging DLC they make for it.

Would do the same for FF8, FF9, and FF6.
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User Info: Jon_God

4 years ago#149
You mean, FFIX, the real best FF of the PSX era.
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User Info: SSx4Leonjr

4 years ago#150
I completely LOVED FF VII back then & I know I'd LOVE an HD FF VII PS3 remake!

two stipulations though, SE must not change the storyline!, or the combat system!
I wouldn't get it if they changed the combat system to XIII's stupid paradigm crap, or if the storyline got altered.
they could add extra lil' bits for the fans though(the secret 'Aeris lives' ending would be nice!) more cut scenes, HD character art collectables, extended/extra story quest bits(basicly hidden story info that reveals more about Cloud & the bunch, as well as Reno, Rude & Elena)..., stuff like that would make me want an FF VII remake for sure!!
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