Will you buy an remake of FF7 the greatest game in the FF series of the PS1 era?

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  3. Will you buy an remake of FF7 the greatest game in the FF series of the PS1 era?

User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#161
From: thephoenixlives | Posted: 2/7/2013 6:12:23 AM | #004
FireMage7777 posted...
Day 1 purchase

I never played FF7 but since it is the most popular FF game, I would like to get it.
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User Info: SandOnMyBoot

4 years ago#162
Not the best FF ever, nor even the best FF on the PS1.

But yeah, I'd still buy a remake.

User Info: Undead587

4 years ago#163
I am personally tired of remakes, so I am done buying them. I recently finished FF4 on PS and FF6 on SNES. There's no reason these games need to be remade again. Any of the previous remakes have fine graphics.

I want a new, good Final Fantasy game that brings back the enjoyment that IV and VI provided. A FF game devoid of bishounen men (okay Cecil may have been slightly feminine in some renditions) and female characters that are irritating. A good story without teenage angst would also be welcome.

Alas, this won't happen. SE is past their prime. I have no idea who their target audience is anymore. They just try to appeal to everyone. That works great for a phone game, but if I am going to shell out $60 for a new game, I want something that's targeted towards my demographic of 30ish males that want a good, oldschool RPGs.

User Info: Zrodeath

4 years ago#164
Day 1 Purchase and id probably end up getting fired from work

User Info: g6260

4 years ago#165
Nope, three reasons why I wouldn't go anywhere near a FF7 remake:

Crisis Core
Advent Children
Dirge of Cerberus
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User Info: raven80wolf_x2

4 years ago#166
sorry final fantasy 7 is not my favorite game I hated most of the characters in the game I rather play 9 remake if done right but a lot of stuff was hand drawn
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User Info: MalakTawus

4 years ago#167
I would buy FFVII's remake on day one, no doubt about that.
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User Info: FireKatKid

4 years ago#168
While I have to wholeheartedly agree that "if the new game director doesn't direct it" would surely be a big selling point: no.

Sadly, though beating it, I really just couldn't get into FF7 at all. Leveling the magic got -way, WAY- too tedious, the story had gigantic holes, and I'm not even sure if those are from bad translation or not. That and the only characters I could honestly bring myself to become attached to were Cid and Red XIII. I would love to say Cait Sith, but they really didn't give him crap for character progression or attacks. Even his "dramatic sacrifice" was ruined mere seconds later when somehow he already had a replacement in the vicinity.

Not to say that, if they fixed these intolerable mistakes, that I wouldn't play it, mind you. I simply wouldn't buy it.
Now if it was a Final Fantasy 6 or 9 remake, I would be all over that thing.
As much as I hate to agree with the guys that would rather Square make new games instead of relying on old stuff, you also have to admit that the majority of the people against it have already given up on their new stuff anyways.

User Info: zodiac_sword

4 years ago#169
FireKatKid posted...
the story had gigantic holes

*points to the FF7 board*
Direct your questions there.
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User Info: Atalalama

4 years ago#170
Depends. Will it have large towns? More, better-playing mini-games? No censorship due to greater graphical ability to show greater details? Adjusted materia slotting (so that physical characters can power-up physical materia faster than magical materia & vice-verse, as well as limiting/bonusing magic a character can use from each materia (whether learned or not) - such as Barret being unable to cast "Firaga" until lvl 60+, but Yuffie can do it as soon as learned (which quite honestly only makes sense)? Better, more in-depth story/translation? Offer original/updated battle system? Updated (re: modern) graphics (unlike the abortion that is FFVIIPCHD)?

In other words, is it a game I would want to play again for the first time, or is it just a prettier game I already played hundreds of times before?
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  3. Will you buy an remake of FF7 the greatest game in the FF series of the PS1 era?

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