Will the Next Console Generation be better for SE and Final Fantasy?

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User Info: Wise_Potato

4 years ago#21
j-fielding95 posted...
Wise_Potato posted...
j-fielding95 posted...
Wise_Potato posted...
sniffy posted...
It's not the console, it's the dev team that needs to be cleaned. If SE keeps Nomura, Kitase, and Toriyama in such high leadership capacity, SE and FF are doomed.

Wait, what do Nomura and Kitase have to do with it?

Nomura only designs the character, he has been the main character designer since FF7, and that's about it, Versus will be his first game as a director.

Also I don't get the hate on Kitase, he did a great job at directing FFVII.

Nomura=Kingdom Hearts as well as Versus. Kitase is also one of the two responsible for XIII, XIII-2 and LR.

1.We are talking about FF here.
2.The vast majority of KH fans like what Nomura is doing with the KH series, just because you don't, doesn't mean he has to go.
3.Kitase is doing a great job as a PRODUCER, the XIII saga wouldn't be half as profitable if not for him, he's also really fast at finishing up projects, blame Toriyama if you don't like the story/characters.

1. I'm pretty sure he said FF AND SE.
2. I never said I wanted him to go.
3. Of course, how foolish of me to think anyone else other than Toriyama is the one responsible for XIII's shortcomings. Pathetic argument. Kitase was the one that removed exploration you know?

1.Post #14 mentioned that Wada doesn't think new FFs aren't as good as the PS1 games, sniffy (post 16) said "it's not the console" which implies he was responding to post 14, I'm talking about this little argument, not the OP.
2.My bad then.
3.FFX is considered to be one of the best games in the series and it was linear, i think it's just that people got used to open world RPGs this gen, which is why many critics and gamers didn't like the linearity of FFXIII.
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User Info: DarkKnightCessi

4 years ago#22
chocolatesoda posted...
The next console generation will do only a few good.

DarkKnightCessi posted...
Wada said that the quality of the newer FFs aren't up to par to the ps1 entries

He said they weren't up to par with FFVII; he did not mention VIII or IX.

Isn't that worse though? Instead of being judged by the big two (VIII is debatable even tho I liked it) the newer games can't reach the standards of one game made several years ago.

Still, if they feel that the quality isn't as good as VII hopefully they'll do something about it.
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User Info: Necronmon

4 years ago#23
Its taking Square forever to make anything for this generation of game systems, how the hell is it going to be better when its going to take even longer to make things for the next system?

Ill be shocked if we get more then one big game from each company on the new systems at this rate.

User Info: sniffy

4 years ago#24
I only mentioned the three of them together, because I feel like they are not doing anything new or creative. They are burnt out! Final Fantasy is all but destroyed, and Kingdom Hearts is stalled somewhere between KH and KH2. Nomura couldn't even finish FFVXIII! He should never have been given any creative control over game content or design, he is NOT a game designer, he is an artist that was given way too much power over content (IMO) and the proof is in the shallow direction SE games have taken since 2002.

Square Enix needs to start bringing new Talent into prominent producer roles. There have to be more than three employees at Square Enix, yet why do the same three idiots get all the money and resources to keep churning out the same mediocrity?
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