Should the OST of XV contain metal?

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  3. Should the OST of XV contain metal?

User Info: TorgoForever

4 years ago#21
Yes, we need an OST that pounds the blood in your body to kill everything in your opposition as it oozes of pure HATE and DESTRUCTION.
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User Info: SigmaZeroX

4 years ago#22
If it contains music similar to Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Lacuna Coil, Dream Theater, and/or Quiet Riot, then I will like it.

If it contains music similar to Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Six Feet Under, or Gorgoroth, then that is pushing it way too much.
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User Info: EscaSyra

4 years ago#23
If it was something that resembled a select few Killswitch Engage or Slipknot songs I'd be all for it.

I don't know if you call that metal though...

I like the harshness with the melodic singing.

User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#24
Elice_Carol posted...
Otherworld was excellent, but I think part of its charm is that it sounds like nothing else in the game. That's why I think they should keep certain genres to a bare minimum for FF, stick to what you're good at and stuff.

Agree with this post.
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  3. Should the OST of XV contain metal?

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