I will not buy this game, and I hope you won't either

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  3. I will not buy this game, and I hope you won't either

User Info: KittenSndwchmkr

4 years ago#81
TehAssasin posted...
I will buy it preowned. That way, I won't contribute to the game sale and still get to know how the game plays.

The final boss theme in Peace Walker is a major joke.
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User Info: lamerhater

4 years ago#82
Well if Gilgamesh isn't going to buy this game, I shouldn't either!
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User Info: Spideyknight

4 years ago#83
What choice do we have? As RPG fans? What alternatives are there? What choice does someone like myself who owns, has, and has beaten every even half-decent RPG to date? There is no choice, the list of quality current-gen RPG's doesn't even fill a top 20, you'd be reaching past 10. That is our sad lot as RPG fans and is the reason we have no choice. We're going to buy the game, hope that it is good, be disappointed/try desparately to find it's redeeming features and then wait.

Just one of a litany of reasons that ME3 was soul crushingly disappointing and generated such a large controversy. What were our alternatives? As tenuous an RPG as ME3 was to begin with it was one of our only choices.

It's either that or play other genres/hobbies. It could be worse, certainly you could be a sci-fi space sim fan. What was their last good game? Freelancer? Can anyone even name the next RPG coming out for the PC or consoles? What is it, Xillia? A game pretty much everyone who's played it(Japanese gamers and importers) admits is pretty standard fare. Awesome. After that we have...? 2014. How sad is it that you're looking at an advertisement of Destiny at the top of the page and it's looking more RPG-ish than the RPG who's forum you are posting on? That Rpgamer lists Far Cry 3 as a recently released RPG is telling. It is a sad place we have come to. Don't buy it? Are you kidding? Buy two and pray that Destiny isn't the next RPG you play..
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User Info: MalakTawus

4 years ago#84
theofficefan99 posted...
Q Slick posted...
theofficefan99 posted...
Q Slick posted...
I was originally going to buy this game simply because I was interested in it.

Now I'll buy it also because it could potentially lead to my snacking on your absolutely succulent revulsion. *grabs a knife and fork*

EDIT: On a slightly more serious note, SE isn't insulting their older fans. They just realize--as you should too--that those old fans aren't the only ones in the room any more. Learn to share.

Hmmm considering XIII-2's rather low sales, I don't think so.

Only when you compare it to other FF games. There are likely quite a few game companies out there that would look at XIII-2's sales---what was it, just under three million--with little short of slobbering green-eyed envy. They'd KILL for numbers like that.

When you set the bar that high; you probably should not be surprised at just how much fails to clear it.

Well this is Final Fantasy, which has different standards. Derp. The fact of the matter is that XIII-2's sales are less than half of XIII's which is not good.

Considering that FFXIII-2 costs to SE A LOT less than FFXIII, only little kids or people that are really bad in mathemathics don't understand that FFXIII-2 was a great success for SE (even more if you consider DLCs).

FFXIII-2 is a sequel so its results don't have necessarily be on new FF standards, the truth is that the last new FF game was FFXIII, an that sold very well, it's not that SE has done tons of FF games that sold poorly,lol.

(the ONLY FF big mistake was FFXIV, but it seems that they are working very hard to change its fate.........and from what i have seen they could really transform a total failure in a success, we'll see)
"Remember, you can make anything as idiot-proof as you want, they'll just build a better idiot...."

User Info: MalakTawus

4 years ago#85
CheckDaMic posted...
The sporadic news is definitely a turn off.

Then again, its a delicate situation, since they can't reveal too much since this is the end and all. I'd rather not know, but last thing i'd like to see is the rest of the world that ill be exploring. Hopefully i see some Bhunivelze/other gods pictures too. I like stuff like that. I wanna see Lightning talking to Bhunilvelze, that would be cool.

I just hope that SE will be very careful to not spoil anything story-related in the next infos and trailers, i hope they'll focus only on "technical things" or gameplay elements.
"Remember, you can make anything as idiot-proof as you want, they'll just build a better idiot...."

User Info: Emiac

4 years ago#86
Dear TC,

I will be pre-ordering the special edition of this game, and will happily be playing it on release date. I hope you cry.

Yours Truly

User Info: assassinreaper

4 years ago#87
I'll buy 1 for each console and each dlc twice happy?
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User Info: Elice_Carol

4 years ago#88
From: kratoscar2008 | #078
Well im not getting this and the series is dead to me as a whole, but if SE thinks that they can maintain their business relying on Lightning fanboys then go ahead im curious to see how long they last.

How come you still regularly post on an FF-related board, then?

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User Info: elusive

4 years ago#89
Preach that **** Gilgamesh.
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User Info: gwoodtamu

4 years ago#90
Pay me 66 dollars and I promise, I won't spend my money on this game, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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