What is Sazh favorite food?

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User Info: im_your_mom

4 years ago#1
Squenix must make a sidequest about this...

User Info: kupo1705

4 years ago#2

User Info: Romangelo

4 years ago#3
fried chicken.
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User Info: AngryGFAQer

4 years ago#4
Romangelo posted...
fried chicken.

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User Info: ICO41126

4 years ago#5
Fried chocobo.
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User Info: MegaWentEvil

4 years ago#6
FFXIII haters.

User Info: Sir_Tom_Jones

4 years ago#7
Romangelo posted...
fried chicken.

How predictable -_- never change gamefaqs.
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User Info: King_Shortt_IX

4 years ago#8
Cactaur Soup with a fillet of Flan.
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User Info: nfobia

4 years ago#9
Vanille pie

User Info: Jecths_Fayth

4 years ago#10
I bet it's bbq.
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