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Sticky: Detailed information on all garbs for Lightning
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ]
Split Infinity929/15 2:03AM
*Spoiler* (or not) best way to kill Earth Eaters/Chocobo EatersTheUndeadLord110/13 11:42AM
*SPOILERS* (or not) Best strategy for Aeronite in Normal Mode?TheUndeadLord410/13 8:39AM
*SPOILERS* (oR NOT) How can i buff my attacks?TheUndeadLord610/13 6:05AM
Normal mode is literally killing meTheUndeadLord310/12 9:30AM
Last one side quest, Aeronite and ChimeraTheUndeadLord510/11 5:37PM
Any point in doing NG+ after completing the game seriously?icecutter17510/11 6:14AM
*SPOILERS* Yggdrasil won't extend any longer my daysTheUndeadLord910/10 4:18PM
Ultimately a flawed game
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
icecutter172310/10 4:17PM
*Spoilers* (Or not) how to finally kill Ereshkigal once for all?TheUndeadLord110/10 12:56PM
* SPOILER (OR NOT)* How to Kill Earth Eater at Luxerion Cathedral trial?TheUndeadLord710/10 12:53PM
*Spoilers* (Or not) Can i walk in the Dead Dunes Highway with Fang?TheUndeadLord410/10 7:54AM
What's the point of Light Guard after you get Steelguard?icecutter17210/9 7:24PM
Does playing time carry over in NG+ after Game Over?DukeGallison310/6 6:19PM
New Game Plus should never have been in this game
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
icecutter171410/2 5:22PM
whats a good shcrimata build?renegadedriver49/29 11:50AM
Hope should you remind you that there is a 2nd Main Quest in Wildlandsicecutter1719/28 6:16AM
You can see Lighning's behind with the Amazon Warrior garbicecutter1719/26 7:21AM
Chocobo Cheer. Boco's not eating Yeul's Flower.JolosGhost99/25 10:39AM
XIII or XV better cast?BlackSwordsaman49/23 9:55PM
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