FFXV setting: Medieval (e.g., VI and IX) vs Futuristic (e.g., VII and XIII)

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  3. FFXV setting: Medieval (e.g., VI and IX) vs Futuristic (e.g., VII and XIII)

User Info: Wise_Potato

4 years ago#1
What kind of world would you like to see in FFXV?

I personally would like a medieval world as a change from the futuristic themes of recent FF games.

Note: I can't make polls at my current level, sorry.
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User Info: kupo1705

4 years ago#2
VI isn't medieval and VII isn't futuristic.

User Info: dils-d

4 years ago#3
Ancient Greece.

Because do it.
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User Info: Ultimate_Finale

4 years ago#4
Why not get some sort of pseudo-medieval-futuristic setting going on?

kupo1705 posted...
VI isn't medieval and VII isn't futuristic.

And this
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User Info: DragoonGriffith

4 years ago#5
FFVI is Steampunk, and FFVII is Cyberpunk (Midgar) + "the usual"

User Info: theofficefan99

4 years ago#6
Everyone is going to say medieval, but I love the settings of XIII and Versus XIII, along with places like Zanarkand and Midgar. I prefer the futuristic route, but medieval doesn't bother me, either, as long as it doesn't come off as bland and generic.
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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#7
Cyber-punk like Deus Ex HR or Xenogears like is my preference
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User Info: kirusu

4 years ago#8
the ff games have airships, and airships are not medieval. most of the ff games have a machine setting. its pratically futuristic already.
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User Info: hyro56

4 years ago#9
Man, someone doesn't know their Final Fantasies.

You could have used XII or Tactics as examples for Medieval inspired settings.
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User Info: DarkKnightCessi

4 years ago#10
I like both. I think for XV I'd like it to have futuristic cities but still have some rural towns scattered around.
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  3. FFXV setting: Medieval (e.g., VI and IX) vs Futuristic (e.g., VII and XIII)

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