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User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#1
Greetings and salutations Lightning Returns board!

Some of you might remember seeing me on the old roleplaying topic on the XIII-2 board. Alas, due to a variety of events it has become overly difficult to continue with that. However, there were various ideas and events that several participants had shared with me and I got to thinking, what if I started a new roleplaying game using some of these ideas and reimagined the situation on Pulse?

Below, you will find the background for this particular XIII universe. In short, Cocoon and Pulse are not as fearful of each other, Pulse is well-populated, and there is a rather aggressive anti-L'Cie Pulsian village...

The RPG will start 500 years after the War of Transgression and just before the events of XIII (and yes, they will tie-in eventually). Note that nothing that occurred in the previous RPG has occurred in this timeline: this RPG is completely independent of the old one aside from ideas (perhaps not completely...but mostly aside from transposing a few events...).

Speaking of those ideas, I need to give credit where it is due. First, to Square-Enix for this universe to utilize (even if we sometimes hate it :D). Second, I wish to thank Rush: the original DM for the old RPG. Without him, this idea never would have come to fruition. And finally, I wish to extend credit to Metaun for one of the plot points contained below (if you are reading this, you will know what I am talking about).

I also wish to extend an invitation to any old players to start fresh with this. I can't guarantee that your experience will be better, but I will try my hardest to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Before we continue, there is one more thing I will mention: I will be controlling a character and the plot will have a lot of connections to him initially. This is to drive the story, and I understand that some of you may not like that. Each character can (and hopefully will!) have their own personal quest available. It could be main plot, or side: it depends on what you want. I will do all I can to satisfy requests, but I'm not about to throw the main story pacing aside.

With all that said, on with the backstory followed by points of interest. Please do not post until I give the go-ahead!
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User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#2

Millennia ago, the worlds of Pulse and Cocoon existed in a state of constant peace. There was no conflict on or between either world, and prosperity reigned across both worlds. Such an age, however, was doomed to pass…

It began when the leadership of the city-state of Akaso decreed that Fal’Cie and those who followed them were an abomination: the state had never relied on Pulsian Fal’Cie for anything, and it prided itself on the superior technology they gained from being self-sufficient. This pride made them believe they were greater than anyone else, and it went on a crusade to exterminate everyone who clung to this “weakness.”

For years, it seemed like the Akasans could not, would not be stopped: their small territory quickly expanded to encompass much of the Archylte Steppe and the Yaschas Massif…and they became known as the Akasan Empire. With superior technology and military prowess, they drove many other villages into ruin. However, just as the age of peace could not last, neither would the age of Akasan dominance.

The city-states of Oerba, Paddra, and Bohemia, located to the north of Sulyya Springs, in the southern part of the Yaschas Massif, and in the Archylte Steppe respectively, formed a grand alliance to oppose the Akasan Empire in one last desperate attempt to topple them. If the three cities were located in the same area, the war would likely have gone in Akaso’s favor. However, because they were located in three distinct border regions, the Empire was forced to divide their forces. In addition to this, there was another thing that Oerba, Paddra and Bohemia had that Akaso’s previous opponents did not: many trained and experienced L’Cie that formed the elite portion of each city’s armies. Akaso had contended with L’Cie before, but never in the number and experience that the Grand Alliance had.

The tide began to turn, and, slowly, the Empire was pushed back to its homelands in the Vallis Media Valley. They were brought to the walls of Akaso, and they prepared for one last desperate, glorious stand.

It was not to be.

It was this moment that Cocoon, long thought to not care about Pulse, launched an invasion. The Grand Alliance was caught off guard, but they could not leave Akaso to rebuild its strength while they dealt with Cocoon.

It was in this debate that a drastic change occurred: the head of Akaso passed away suddenly and his son, a much more moderate and level-headed man, took over. He sought peace with the Alliance, and due to the circumstances scored a relatively favorable treaty: Akaso would retain all of its homelands and pay reparations to rebuild the villages that were destroyed in the expansionist campaign. Akaso would survive, but it would not be a threat for a long time.

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User Info: BillbertRandom

4 years ago#3
Yeah, I remember you and those games. They looked fun. I didn't join but I was reading all of the threads.
Sazh and Balrog fan....

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#4

The alliance then turned its attention to Cocoon, and this conflict would prove to be just as legendary as the fight against the now defunct Akasan Empire. The war continued until the Oerban L’Cie Oerba Yun Fang became the legendary Ragnarok and cracked Cocoon’s shell. However, she was unable to finish the job and disappeared in the aftermath. Her best friend and confidante, Oerba Dia Vanille, also disappeared.

With this, neither side was in any state to continue fighting. Negotiations took place, largely directed by each side’s various Fal’Cie, and a treaty was forged: Cocoon would provide technological development to Pulse in exchange for reconstruction aid. In addition, each side exchanged Fal’Cie as a measure of “good faith” to ensure neither side would break the treaty. In reality, both sides were attempting to weaken the other if, or when, the next war came.

Pulse sent the patron Fal’Cie of Oerba, Anima. This was questioned at the time, but a select few knew why. Cocoon, on the other hand, sent one of its two most important Fal’Cie, Ultima. Only a few Fal’Cie knew, but this was a calculated move on Cocoon’s part…one that was a gamble in more ways than one.

Anima was deposited near what became known as Bodhum, while Ultima was placed in the former temple of Anima. Both were loathed…and eventually forgotten.

Centuries passed, and the trade went from being forced by the treaty to just being natural, at least by Human standards. It was not uncommon for unions between someone from Cocoon and a Pulsian but there was never a truly high-profile union. This changed when, 475 years after the War of Transgression (what the first war between Pulse and Cocoon came to be known as), the heir to Akaso, Akaso Adan Mitsu, married a woman from Cocoon named Raine. This was a significant departure from Akasan tradition as most marriages were arranged among nobles. Raine was no noble, nor was she even of Pulse. Many Pulsians feared that this was a sign that Akaso would soon launch another crusade against them, this time with the help of Cocoon.

Their fears were certainly warranted: Akaso had long since paid off the reparations and their technological ingenuity was only augmented by Cocoon sending their technology to Pulse. They also continued to follow the ways of the warrior: each person in Akaso knew how to fight, and in a fight without L’Cie it would be doubtful that the side opposing Akaso would win. One small village decided to take preemptive action…one that would have disastrous consequences in both the short and long-term.

The village of Spayel, located to Akaso’s east in an area on the edge of the Vallis Media and the Shimmering Sands, had long been an important trader with Akaso, trading precious metals and ores to the warrior city. They feared that they would be the first target of Akasan aggression if they did indeed go on the warpath; after all, they were supportive and even home to a minor Fal’Cie. With this in mind, Spayel sent a task force to Akaso two years after Mitsu’s marriage to Raine with the mission to capture one of the nobles. Fate decreed that Raine would be taken, and for a short while it seemed like Spayel would get the guarantee that they would not be attacked. However…fate is a fickle creature, and it turns just like a wheel.

Two months after the abduction, it was discovered that Raine was expecting a child. This was the worst possible thing for Spayel: they could no longer “honorably” kill her if Akaso attacked, and it was just the reason Akaso was waiting for. The city-state declared war on the village and mobilized its entire army. Spayel had no chance, but in an act of desperation it instituted a draft policy that sent all able bodied men and women to the front lines. They were like lambs to a slaughter, but this did delay Akaso’s inevitable advance on Spayel proper for six more months.

"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#5

The night before the battle, Mitsu and his brother, along with a number of veteran soldiers, snuck into the Spayel town hall where Raine was being held and freed her. However, as they were escaping a lone L’Cie attempted to eliminate Mitsu with a spell. Mitsu’s brother saw this at the last possible moment and threw himself in front of the attack…sacrificing his life so that his older brother could live. This had two consequences: the immediate one was that Raine went into labor due to shock and forced Mitsu to withdraw from the battlefield and leave his lieutenant and fellow noble Guan Zangetsu in charge.

Zangetsu was a capable leader, but the death of Mitsu’s brother, a personal friend, dulled his ability to keep his men in line, who were also angered by what they perceived as a cowardly attack. The following morning, the battle commenced and Spayel was crushed…and the village was put to the sword and torch as a result of the lack of restraint and leadership. There would be survivors, but their lives would be forever changed. Zangetsu would also look back on this as his greatest failure…one that he would strive to never repeat again.

The other, more long-term consequence was that a seed of hatred was planted in Mitsu’s heart: a seed of hatred for L’Cie, Fal’Cie, and all who followed them. When he came to power two years later he did not hold back on declaring his hatred for them. He would not be able to do anything for a while, but it sent a foreboding chill throughout Pulse.

Raine, for her part, gave birth to the one who would hopefully succeed Mitsu: Adan Jin. About a year and three-quarters later, she would give birth to a second son: Adan Yuki. When she became pregnant a third time four years later, the Akasan populace was wild with happiness. However, that happiness would turn to despair when Raine passed away after giving birth to a third and final son: Adan Masa.

There were many things one could speculate as to what Adan Mitsu was, but to say he did not love Raine was a fallacy that would be punished in the highest capacity possible. He would never remarry. Raine’s death did cause an issue, however: Mitsu only cared about his work and his heir, Jin, after Raine died, and he neglected Yuki and Masa’s upbringing. This could have resulted in tragedy by itself if not for the fact that Yuki, despite his youth, was incredibly mature and wise to the world and took it on himself to see that his baby brother was raised as well as he could be without a mother. This would have a dramatic effect on the young prince’s life: he would not be able to focus his efforts solely into becoming a warrior like the other children his age.

This was remedied somewhat when he was placed under the tutelage of Guan Zangetsu: he even remarked that Yuki had “potential beyond that I have ever seen,” but that potential was doomed because of Yuki’s devotion to Masa’s upbringing. Masa benefitted from this greatly: he steeped himself in intellectual and technological pursuits, and it was discovered that he was a savant at both. Jin, to offer comparison to his younger brothers, was highly charismatic if not somewhat swayed by his father’s views.

The years passed quickly, and the Spayel incident faded into memory. However, the fear of an all out invasion still hung over every non-Akasan Pulsian’s head. Preparations for the semi-centennial Festival of the Hunt in Bohemia were underway: an event that brought together every nation on Pulse and even attracted some adventurers from Cocoon. It was unthinkable that Akaso would attack in this time frame, and Akaso even admitted that it would not (though this admission was taken with a grain of salt).

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User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#6

However, in the absence of one unthinkable thing (at least, one that was promised wouldn’t occur), another happened: one year before the Festival of the Hunt, Adan Jin was killed and Adan Yuki disappeared while hunting a rogue Behemoth in Akasan territory. Needless to say, this threw Akaso into a frenzy at having both its first and second heir removed in one fell swoop. No one knew how Jin had been killed or why Yuki disappeared, though conspiracy theories circulated stating that the second prince wanted to become the heir. Guan Zangetsu and Adan Masa both objected to this theory, stating that Yuki was not like that. Those that knew (and liked) Yuki would agree. And besides, why would he flee if he had killed Jin in order to gain the right to the throne? It had happened before…

With no reason in sight, the incident faded from the public view as the Festival of the Hunt approached. People from all across Pulse and Cocoon gathered to witness or compete in this once in a life time event, and this, 500 years after the War of Transgression, is where our story begins…

Areas of Interest:

Akaso: Located in the Vallis Media Valley, this ancient city-state is occasionally referred to as the “Imperial City” as a nod to its long passed days as the seat of an empire. It believes in a might and strategy make right view, and many citizens of Akaso look down on if not completely loath L’Cie, who they feel have gained power without working for it. Fearsome warriors and brilliant technologically and strategically, for the longest time they had no way to counter L’Cie magic, but that might be changing…

Paddra: Located in the southern part of the Yaschas Massif, this is yet another old city-state and it has often been at odds with Akaso over one thing or another while being staunch allies with Oerba. Many call this the “Seeress Capital,” seeing as how the most well known Seeress, Paddra Nsu Yeul resides here along with her guardian, Caius Ballad.

Oerba: Located to the north of Sulyya Springs and Taejin’s Tower, this old city-state is well known as a training ground for the greatest L’Cie on Pulse. The Temple of Anima is here, long since sealed because of a fear of the Cocoon Fal’Cie Ultima that was swapped there after the War of Transgression.

Bohemia: Located in the Archylte Steppe, this city-state is not quite as old as Paddra, Oerba, or Akaso, but it is still well-respected. Home to the semi-centennial Festival of the Hunt, Bohemia prides itself on having the best hunters on Pulse, though Akasans would contend that they are the best. This rivalry has almost led to blows many times, and the tension between the states remains, simmering, waiting for one match to ignite it…

"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#7

Tuchanka: A relatively new city-state, created only 200 years ago. This state is unique in that it resides in the Mah’habara Subterra at a point where a hole in the earth lets light down into it. This state has become fabulously wealthy in its short period of existence: precious ores and metals finance all that the city needs, and it has slowly utilized the numerous Atomos Fal’Cie types as a means of creating underground tunnels connecting all throughout Pulse. Officially, it has no interest in conflicts, but everyone knows that they offer materials to the highest bidder despite the fact that a faction of Seeresses live here.

Ruins of Spayel: Located on the eastern edge of the Vallis Media and western edge of the Shimmering Sands, these ruins were once home to a village that bordered on being a city-state. Now they are populated only by monsters, and even Akasans avoid the village proper because of the terrible stories that have been told from those who returned from it.

Ova: A protectorate of Oerba and located south of Taejin’s Tower and just north of the Sulyya Springs. The poor growing climate has resulted in a local diet on the various aquamarine life in the area. The fact that this would be first on the list of Akaso’s targets in a potential attack on Oerba remains out of mind of the local inhabitants…

Paddrea Fortress: Established after the end of the War of Transgression, this fortress sits on the border between the Vallis Media and Yaschas Massif (and hence, Akasan and Paddrean territory). Paddra hails this fortress as “impregnable,” though that claim has never been tested. Nevertheless, it is a very impressive and formidable bastion against potential Akasan aggression.

The Media Encampment: Despite being named an encampment, this place is actually a fortress very similar to Paddrea except being located on the border between the Archylte Steppe and the Vallis Media (and serves as the divider of Bohemian and Akasan territory). It is a much younger fortress than Paddrea, seeing that Akaso only had the funds to build it 100 years ago, but it serves as a threat to Bohemia…and all of Pulse.

End, now a few more bits of general info
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User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#8
Take a minute to process that information: it is very important for making your character.

Okay, done? Now for character creation all the information is located at the beginning of the Crystarium and Shops thread here:

Now, the example (and my character):

Name: "Archangel", true identity unknown

Background: A vigilante that doesn't let those he travels with know much about him. What is known is that he does not tolerate people looking down on others and that he is quick to aid those in need. It is known that he is a L'Cie since there is no sign of a manadrive on his wrist. It is surmised that his brand is on his face since the flash is visible, but even it does not illuminate his hooded face enough to make anything out. Many speculate that he is an outcast Akasan since he uses one of their modular blades, but even that is not a good assumption since the blades have made their way outside Akasan territory in recent years.

Physical description: Six foot two inches in height and roughly 180 pounds, Archangel's build is rather imposing. This is only emphasized with the gray cloak he wears and the hood that conceals his face. Underneath the cloak he wears light gray plate with an undercoat of chainmail, giving a fair trade off between defense and agility. He uses a modular blade: a weapon invented in Akaso that can change its form to anything the wielder has programmed into it.

Primary Roles: Commando, Ravager, Medic

Initial Stat purchase: -400 for 240 HP, -300 for 30 STR, and -300 for 30 MAG

Initial abilities:

-200 [1] Attack
-300 [1] Ruin
-800 [2] Blitz

-300 [1] Aero
-600 [2] Aerora
-400 [1] Galestrike

-400 [1] Cure

Weapon: Improved Cure I

Gil Purchases:
-2500 Hunter's Friend
-200 2 Potions
-300 Hi-Potion
-500 Phoenix Down

Eidolon: Ark

Example done, now you just need to send me the same stuff via PM or post it here!

I will post some more information (combat mechanics, statuses, etc) later, but for now I give the floor to you the players. I hope to see many players (and if many do participate, I will see about awarding sub-DM roles to assist).

And one last note: your character can start as a L'Cie or choose not to. If not, they will be branded shortly into the story. As for posts in the story, I would like them to be thought out, but I know that can't be the case for everyone. Just keep up and let me know when you are ready to move to the next event.

You can post now!
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#9
Bump to make sure that there really is no interest (which would be disappointing but not very surprising).
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: TheGreatPotato

4 years ago#10
Sorry bro :( The only people who populate this forum now are the trolls and blind fanboys.
Dresdenfall is amazing, if you know what I mean :) /wink wink
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