How old is Lightning in LR?

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User Info: darkphoenix181

4 years ago#1
Has she aged much or not at all? How old would you say she is?
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User Info: kupo1705

4 years ago#2
She doesn't look a day over twelve thousand.

User Info: Emiac

4 years ago#3
She's supposed to be 21 biologically, although personally I think she looks about 24-26.

She has technically existed for 21 + 3 + 500 = 524 years, Fang+Vanille are still older, although I'm not sure how the 900yr time loop works exactly.

User Info: MalakTawus

4 years ago#4

.....but she looks something like 25 i guess (more or less).
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User Info: Ftpkorn

4 years ago#5
21. If time kept flowing normally and she didn't go to Valhalla, 24. She's 524 if we add all factors but physically she hasn't aged at all.
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User Info: j-fielding95

4 years ago#6

User Info: Elice_Carol

4 years ago#7
Physically, she's still 21, but she should be 1021 now as LR takes place 500 years after the end of XIII-2, which takes place in 500AF.
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User Info: zodiac_sword

4 years ago#8
What do you think it means when a girl leaves a fake mustache at your house?

User Info: King_Shortt_IX

4 years ago#9
One never asks a lady her age.
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User Info: darkphoenix181

4 years ago#10
King_Shortt_IX posted...
One never asks a lady her age.

Didn't ask a lady, I asked her fans.
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