serious question to the lightning/FF13 fanbase

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User Info: TheGreatPotato

4 years ago#71
TorgoForever posted...
KittenSndwchmkr posted...
TheGreatPotato posted...
hyro56 posted...
The game will be mediocre at best. Toriyama just can't fully deliver.

My sig > yours.


It's kinda funny for him to use LuBu's sig insulting and assume it as a rational defense.

I have no idea what you are talking about.
Dresdenfall is amazing, if you know what I mean :) /wink wink
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User Info: KittenSndwchmkr

4 years ago#72
Alantor25 posted...
KittenSndwchmkr posted...
Alantor25 posted...
Your sig is insulting...

Why are you insulted by your own words, MewMew?

No, I'm insult whe torgo copied what I said and used it to mock me. U also did it too

But these are your own words. They came from your mouth. Why are you taking offence to the product of your own mind?
"He's from Polland, technically" -MewMewFan

User Info: Dinah7

4 years ago#73
dsar901 posted...
Of coarse it would matter. The Final fantasy franchise depends on having good quality games. FF13 and FF13-2 weren't great games. i have a bad feeling that Lightning returns will dictate the future of the Final Fantasy series. probably in a bad way

Well thankfully it seems that with each new entry fans faith is restored. I mean 12s reception wasnt perfect but people were still hyped for 13

User Info: Holy_Wraith

4 years ago#74
dresdenfall posted...
Holy_Wraith posted...
So many said before that they just want closure to the FF13 series while others can't live without Lightning, but if the game turns out bad, I'm curious if any would be disappointed or already prepared to be disappointed.

I voted Other.

I like Lightning. She deserves to sleep in a real bed, and when SHE wants to. Girl's had it rough compared to, let's say Batman for example.

Welcome back.

I don't think Lightning uses beds, she crystalises herself.

On topic

I'm amazed so many prepared for a disappointing game.
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