Why the hell Lightning waited so much?

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User Info: Chevy-kun

4 years ago#51
theofficefan99 posted...
TheGreatPotato posted...
chaosflame108 posted...
I don't think Light self crystallized. Etro crystallized her, although it was of light's volition.

In the ROTG dlc, magical stairs materialize in front of Lightning, and as she ascends them a glowing light shines upon her. In addition to the light, feathers are also floating around. The Mythos makes it pretty clear that feathers are a symbol of Etro, I would say the DLC hints, if not blatantly tells us, that Etro crystallized Lightning.

As for her waking up; didn't some old interview already confirm Bhunivelze wakes her, and bestows her the Liberator job?

I believe Etro died before Lightning was crystallised. Bhuni waking her would make sense, though.

Also no, office, Etro very obviously has limits seeing as using her power basically killed her. As for Chaos, we have no idea what it can do, or even really what it is, so that point of yours is moot as well.

You have a tendency to degenerate into kupo-like arguments when it comes to something you dislike. Try to correct that, eh.

Lightning and chaos don't. And Etro didn't have limits in terms of her powers and what she could do. She just just give body parts away that had some random power, is what I mean. Nothing was explained, nothing had limits, she could just do what she wanted. And then she apparently had her power drained which started everything. It's poor writing, and it seems like Toriyama didn't really think things through at all. And no, my point would be moot if Lightning and chaos had boundaries, and if Etro's powers were explained and if her limitations were explained from the beginning. Try again.
Not at all.

I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but it seems like you're implying a story can't keep stacking new elements unto itself?

I understand the complaint on a fundamental level, which is "even if it works doesn't mean you should use it" to critique how the power of gods was handled.

But otherwise...I don't think it's wrong to add more things to something as long as it doesn't break the already established withoug explanation.

@roxas9001: you're right about the summon thing. Though I'm wondering why just address that part? Oh well.
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  3. Why the hell Lightning waited so much?

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